Setting up DNS for multi language


Hey Wolfgang Prettner!

Well, I've got good news and bad news.

Bad news is I couldn't make any purchase using your login, as it still asks to verify the credit card (which is a good security measure). Without that, I couldn't purchase the english domain. But at least it's very very simple for you to do it: and the way I've made the other sites you just need to purchase them by entering your info when you click on "upgrade now".

For yet another bad news, I'm not sure what to do with the site you currently own, which is in german. So I created 3 new ones (en, it and fr) and haven't touched the german one (except for adding the links). Now you have 4.

Last bad news is is still not working in my end, but that's very much likely to be thanks to DNS propagation. It should be fine by tomorrow.

Now for the good news... smile

I almost forgot I could, as a specialist, get a 20% discount offer code (which works only one time) so instead of paying U$ 96 you'd only pay U$ 76.80 (on the first year). Simply use this coupon SPECIALISTS20 (it will work until Aug 1st 2015)

On a side note, your account at squarespace is actually [email protected] (not simply "Guenter")

Another good news is everything else is done (1 day before due date)! Basically.

Except we might need to fix the "de" link once decide what to do with that and, mostly, now you need to actually fill in the site contents for each language... As I said, I can do it for some extra, but since I got no data I could do nothing. wink

Please do check if I missed something.


Copied by @Cawas


There's no manual confirmation for creating account, it's all automated. Maybe you didn't saw the confirmation email or it got to your spam folder...

Thing is, we need to have some procedure to creating an account to make it clear you're now in a public forums!

But once that's done, we can keep all conversations through email only, if you prefer. wink

I've moved the language link menu position on the english site at no extra cost despite it being some work done (because my prior work had not reached the maximum expected quote), please see if it's good for you, in every responsive size:

How this worked was I've used the right footer to make it work and the code below.

Some code done in advanced injection:

<script author=“”>
    var $lang = $('div#footerBlockRight');
    $lang.clone().insertBefore($('div#mobile-header .info-email-wrapper')).addClass('main-nav');
    $lang.insertBefore($('nav.main-nav a#info'));

And some more on Custom CSS:

div#mobile-header {
  .site-title-wrapper {
    width: calc(100% - 224px);
  div#footerBlockRight {
    display: inline-block;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    width: auto;
    margin-right: 1em;
    margin-left: 1em;
    .sqs-block {
      padding: 0 !important;

div#footerBlockRight {
  display: table-cell;
  vertical-align: middle;
  .sqs-block, .html-block {
    padding-bottom: 0 !important;
  ul {
    display: -webkit-inline-flex;
    display: -ms-inline-flexbox;
    display: inline-flex;
    overflow: initial;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
  li {
    display: inline;
    a {
      padding-top: 0;
      color: black;

Also copied the whole site structure all over, by using export and import.

We've actually have discussed of me doing that, but I guess there was some miscommunication there. I did tell you the total for both, including "copying" (from files you would provide) the content over, would be U$ 301 at most, and I'm keeping that quote.

In fact, I can happily say it will be U$ 259 as the first part I did in less time, but this second part I can't keep going. I copied what was possible to automate, and I hope you can deal with the rest, as they will all be manual work and fine tuning. For instance, you'll have to at very least (1) remake the image galleries, (2) set each page thumbnail's and (3) set the design customizations. I hope you can agree with me on this.

Finally, I think you might want to add a domain to the DE site as well. It has none right now.

Now I'm waiting for your feedback, and hoping we're probably reaching the final adjustments now. smile



Yes please also add the DE domain there.

So please go on with setting up structure.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Wolfgang Prettner


Which domain?

I could find two candidates on your domain hosting places: and but one is already being used and I've got little clue if you'd want to use the other.

Are you going to replace the current to this new site?



as soon everything is set up we will replace the to the new site.


Please check what's already set up and let me know if there's anything missing. You can start by going to



thank you for the work meanwhile. Could you, as last step transfer the format of pictures from German Site to the others?
So the pictures appear the same way as at German site (size, structure)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Wolfgang Prettner


I'm not sure what you mean by that...

But I sure can do it for an extra U$ 84. I would advise against doing it, though.

My Reasoning

( Look, I'm taking more time to consider every single word I'm writing here than it would take me to "simply" give you what you asked. I'm already for 2 hours on this text. )

The whole point of making them as different websites was to have them different! Right now you've got most of the original german site copied and working as a very functional wireframe. You should use that to make them different.

If I were your company's owner I would say it doesn't make any sense spending resources (time and money) on simply "copying" a german site into an italian one if the next step is to modify everything!


There's also the possibility we didn't communicate properly from the beginning and you never wanted different websites. Then, maybe you just wanted the menu to be translated, since most of the "product" part have no language, just images.

We never discussed if your current german website is in final state, and I never really knew if it is. Not having a domain and having another official website, to me, is a big indicator it isn't ready. Although maybe you think it isn't ready just because it has no translations yet.

If this is the case, to get the best setup I'd advise on canceling the 3 extra websites (squarespace will give a lot of the money back, proportional to days used), directing everything into just 1 squarespace site and making it into developer mode to be able to properly translate the menu, which was the complicated part I've said early on.

That way you could in a much simpler way translate just what's needed and wouldn't need to have redundant images replicated everywhere, which would be hard to maintain would you need to change anything.

You'd be my first client with developer mode, so I could give you a huge discount, but I'd also need a lot of extra time to do it and I would need to get paid for the full work done so far.

I may only be able to get back on this after April 22nd because I'll get a 18 days vacation starting April 2nd and my calendar is filled up until then.

In any case, I feel like we need to clear things up before proceeding so, please, let's clear it up! Can you talk over voice in english? Give me a phone, hangout or skype call.

I also feel most of our communication is lagging behind because your english might be not so good and so maybe you're not really following most of what I say. If this is the case, I'm talking too much...

Bad english?

In short, answer me these:

(1) Do you want the new web site to be like the old one and simply contain translated versions of a main german version? Yes or no


(2) Do you want the new web site to talk to different audiences in different languages? If so, do you have at least one person responsible for each web site who will maintain them for each different culture? Yes or no

From all our initial conversation, I understood you wanted the second. Now I'm thinking you actually want the first.



thank you for your explanation.

As we are not 100% sure how we will proceed with the different languages sites (if we use same pictures and text in future) let’s keep current state for the first.
We will change everything necessary our self.

So let’s close the case by now – if we have further requests i will come back to you as i appreciate your fast work.


And thank you for your preference! smile



one thing which isn’t working as we need it to is that at the three new sites the picture galleries are “sites” and not galleries as at the German version.
The sign at the admin version of the site is showing a “gallery sign” at German and a “site sign” at the three new ones.

As we need the three sites exactly as the german please change this so we have pictures shown at all galleries the same way.


Looks like you're still very undecided and mostly unsettled. I really want to make everything right here, maybe it will be better if we could talk on skype! I'm caue.rego there.

More Disclaimers

I had to go over all our texts again to see what I could have done to make things so confusing. Maybe this was it, from one of the earliest emails from March 3rd:

Just to be clear, if you want me to make the new sites (besides purchasing them), my prediction goes up to "less than U$301", but I'd need all images and text in french and italian. What I had in mind is just making the domain work.

Even if I've already apologized for that, in March 20th:

All this confusion, I think, is thanks to my failed business model. No wonder I've decided to put a kind of an end in this whole "your home" project. I just can't keep the quality of work I want to give all my clients with that old pricing. Meanwhile, I couldn't get a single client on the new pricing...

I mean, right now, I'll get my mindset on the new model and so I'll be giving you the premium support from the new pricing while keeping the old pricing. I hope you can appreciate that. The only problem is I am on vacations with my wife so I own her that time... Please bare with me if I can't answer as fast as usual. Today it just happened I could.

I guess I'm telling you all this more as a note to myself than anything else.

Here's another quote from February 27th which could have been very confusing:

Keeping well organized different language pages with squarespace is very complicated and, due to this reason alone, I would go with making a different squarespace site for each language. This way they can't be in the same domain, although I think it would be preferable to do it so, it doesn't really matter and being easier to manage the CRM aspect is more important, as to facilitate creating content.

Facilitate creating content. We were talking about SEO and there are many settings on squarespace that doesn't support translation to help there. So when I wrote that, I was trying to translate many technical aspects (the "very complicated" part there) into your needs. I thought there were a lot of content to be created. If there isn't, then it may be better to keep it all in one place after all.

We should probably get into each of those details and see what you's relevant to your needs, but let's leave this for the next message, as this is already big enough as it is...

Back to business

I still believe the major point is to first find out what you need in fact.

The major aspect of our agreement is I would make all the domains work for squarespace, and that's done. As we can read above, we also agreed to create new sites as it would be generally better, and I would do it, so I did as far as I could on my failed business model. If you're still unhappy with this, it may mean it was not the best option to begin with.

However maybe you have already decided (even without getting into the details). So before I do anything I'd like to clear this up first.

Sites and Languages

Have you decided to go with the first approach, then? Will all sites always look the same, except for the translated text content?

Or you still rather keep the second approach? Think as if I will have the same amount of work no matter what, so I'm genuinely asking what you think is better for you. ( I don't know in fact which one would be more work, right now wink )


As a technical note on your specific question, yes, all new imported galleries would have to be remade, as I've stated earlier:

Very unfortunately the automated importing process didn't keep that and I don't know of any way of doing it. It's quite sad that imported page can only act as a temporary replacement and it have to be redone from scratch, just like you've already done on

This is basically one of the points that triggered this whole post:


As I've read it all again, I want to also apologize for that. I do realize I came out of nowhere with some things I wrote there. Such as talking about "the whole point of making different websites". It still holds true, but I never talked about it before.

Let's move on.

Next steps

If you do decide to keep this 2nd approach:

I can and I will do my best efforts to just copy everything in all sites if that's what you need, although I'm sorry I can't give you a better estimate than "before May 30th" right now.

Keep in mind for the future, whatever you change in 1 site you'll have to manually change in the other 3 as well, if you want to keep going that route. I myself would not enjoy doing that if I were you, reason why I am really against this and trying to point out the aspects of it. Again, I think it only makes sense if you want to really have different sites.

If you're still undecided:

Then we should talk more about each detail on the difference between the two options. And then I'll get to it.



sorry but your answers like „your English is not good” and “you’re undecided and unsettled” don’t help me.
As I’m not expert doing homepages and received this project from a colleague which left it wasn’t easy to brief you perfectly first hand.

I just wanted you to change the sites showing the product gallery (jpg attached “Unbenannt”) into real gallery sites (jpg attached “Unbenannt2”) like we have it at German site but I already solved it myself.


My english is not good. And I am an idiot. I'm really sorry for everything there.

I've just manually iterated over the 3 new sites to make it as equal as I could with the first german one. About 2 hours of manual work. I went through the pages and a few design style settings.

I also noticed you did the gallery for english and italian, but not yet french. I suppose you've got that part under control.

If you want to keep that up to date on all sites with little less work, you may try using dropbox:

Did I miss anything else?


No big deal! I don’t feel offended but i thought the lines are not helpful.

So now everything is like it’s supposed to be and we are feeding the three sites.
So thank you for your work. How much is left at your invoice?


I feel the same way. I should just quit writing so much.

And bless you for bringing me work! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

You've paid the initial U$ 91 and we had agreed on a maximum of U$ 301, so I'll send you an invoice for U$ 210



i recognized that the link at our old homepage to the Italian Site is pointing to the new Squarespace site nor the old one.
Did this happen by accident? Could you please link it back as it was, thank you

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Wolfgang Prettner


It's using the same DNS we agreed to direct to squarespace.

What was supposed to be the other italian domain?



it was planned to direct all translated homepages after we set them up finally (with all translations) ourself.
So, till we aren’t finished with all translations we don’t want to have the squarespace sites to be online.

Could you please link the Italian back to the old one.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Wolfgang Prettner