Should we use google keep, evernote or something else? whatever, use all of 'em and then some more! ;P


not the first time I talk about keep

keep is, imho, extremely superior to evernote for a single reason: it just works. everywhere and fast. no installation even needed.

both have a huge problem: no automated local backups. not even with ifttt or whatever. both can recover from a time machine backup, but it's not all that reliable and it wouldn't really survive the product being pulling off. they both think they'll exist forever and the web is at least 99.999%.

keep probably don't work offline as good as evernote as well, and the elephant has an awesome OCR. but keep have notes colors, an awesome grid view, easy to take simple or complex notes and blazing fast to search them, etc. you know, it's a google product.

google's have a bigger problem: it's google. who knows what's going to be the next reader shut down?

the simple solution would be making independent teams within google, who could easily be their own company if google feels the need to pull the plug. also people can follow products by the people, which is what should matter most. sorry apple, jobs less apple is another company. and it will "die", at very least, like ibm and microsoft did.

the ideal candidate to win over both? github. but it's not there yet, as well... funny enough, for GitHub I'm only missing a simple unified gui experience in every single platform, which is much easier to overcome than any other problem from the concurrents.