Shut down announcement


this host will shut down soon, probably before July!

googled for "pull the plug" animated images, found it thanks to link from <a href=""></a> and went for full credit
don't freak out!

I've actually announced this "trend" a while ago elsewhere.

got an awesome digital ocean support feedback from an email I wrote them about this situation. basically, they cheered me up, told me to hang in there, and gave me U$40 of credit :smiley: so I could have enough time to figure out what to do. I decided to go with little to no work...

basically I'll manually print some relevant topics and host it somewhere. I'll keep full backups of the whole talk, and it should be easy to bring it back up in the next few years, if anyone wishes to. and until the last day here (see below) I'll try to do some scripting for exporting as much content as possible.

at some point I may want to freeze the whole site and not allow any new posts, just to keep the last backup consistent.

not sure when exactly the plug will be pulled though, it will be for whichever comes first: I finish exporting or the current credit is over. right now I've got $37.40 and a $12 bill per month so current date estimations point to July 6th as the last day.

finally, for further reference, always go to the main domain: or google. :wink: