Sqsp Specialist inquiry - blog thumbnails and author pictures


I forgot to say the "author title" would be really hard to come up with something... So I got the only thing available, which was author's bio.

And the image width is set to maximum and so no, it won't appear as the file size. But the whole blog width have a max-width of 1140px, so the image will also be restricted to that only and given the current "one sidebar" layout it will make the image be a max of 840 by coincidence ( unless that's where you got the number from stuck_out_tongue ). We could add a max-width to the image, if you want, it's actually as straight forward as adding max-width: 840px on the .post img Custom CSS.

The current "footer" is actually a redundant header... But maybe I'm getting too technical. I've just changed it to the complete footer instead. And I can make it work on the whole website (so to any blog you make) anytime you want. I'm not sure this new design mock up is fine by you, though. Please let me know.

And I don't experience any slowness, in fact it loads quite fast here. It's definitely your internet connection, though that doesn't mean only exactly "in your end". It could be even a DNS issue on your internet provider, which usually don't last long.


Author's bio is perfect.

I did get 840 from the current layout, so that's also great.

Ah, I see. So the footer is now underneath the photo, is that correct? If so, is it possible to split it so that it's separated? ie, with the photos / byline / bio / shareaholic underneath the picture and the dates / tags underneath the post?


Oh, yeah, sure, that makes much more sense than what I did! smile



Hi Caue,

I wanted to check-in on the progress. Sorry I am having a hard time with Discourse and/or maybe the language barrier.

I moved your code over to the main blog. It looks good for a few minutes but then disappeared. Can you please help.

From what I saw while it was active, there are a couple of things missing:

-Author photo
-Author title/bio
-H3 subtitle... how does this work?

-photo should be above title (currently below)
-Author photo
-Author title/bio
-Share buttons at top
-H3 subtitle... again, how does this work?

Could you please help with these issues soon? I think we are coming up on the 2 week mark this weekend.