Squarespace and font types on titles



Using Chrome Inspector I can easily see, at least on the home div.project-title, your custom CSS h1,h2,h3,a have been overruled by a more specific rule with #projectThumbs using proxima-nova font family (damn, those two fonts sure look alike a lot!). And in that case it's the a, not the h2.

If you need me to go through that I could take an hour and optimize all of the intention you had on setting up that font while making a video explaining what I'd do. For an upfront payment of U$123.

But here's a quick hack in case you prefer to just fix this very specific issue and eventually go ahead doing it yourself. Add this to Custom CSS:

#projectThumbs a.project div.project-title {font-family:"Maison Neue Book",Calibri,Arial,Roboto,sans-serif;font-weight:300;font-style:normal}


Thanks do much - that seems to have fixed it!