Squarespace Developer Needed (for making a video button)



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Sure I'm interested! For one Kate's already doing with me pretty much what you want there. wink

Now, you seem to have done a lot of homework, reason why I got you just one question before proceeding: can I move this to the forums?

Since I've implemented the forums, I've actually had no customer who couldn't use it, so I'm not sure how to proceed (I mean, I'm open to suggestions!)...

This forum and keeping as much data as I can here and/or in the open is a very important part of my business. You probably realized it yourself, doing this builds trust.

We can sure still do business, but I still moved this to the forums anyway because it's so much better to communicate here! This is a private and unlisted topic though and only who has the link can see it.

And I really appreciate if we could still move at least parts of this into the public part! +1

But let's go back to business now.

I actually just implemented the button you want for my latest client. You almost found it:


It didn't take me just 30 minutes, though. Of course your milage may vary, someone out there more specialized than I am might be able to do it that shortly. But, for most part, people don't know YUI, which is a script heavily used in squarespace, and whatever tweak touches it even if only slightly can get really troublesome, such as dealing with galleries (like I did there).

There are also so many ways to get what you want, some of which could certainly be done in less than 30 minutes. But I'd argue they wouldn't be this complete and so I just happen to kinda prefer doing it this way. You add two pieces of code, and have all liberty with using squarespace features with this. It also helps keeping it responsive.

Neither example you provided is as complete as mine, in that sense. Simply try resizing your browser window, by dragging the mouse on its corners and you'll see the difference.

Hope to hear more from you! yellow_heart


Caue, if publishing this conversation to the forums is important to you, it's fine by me. I do appreciate you making it private and unlisted though! I would not mind making some of it public, as long as none of my client's info as well as mine is compromised, so let's discuss this at a later time. I am on a tight deadline and looking to resolve this problem today or tomorrow at the latest, so your help is much needed and appreciated and I would hate anything to get in the way. ; )

The example you included is amazing! It looked like it took a while, so please don't take offense to the 30-min estimate. I honestly had no idea how long it would take, but assume that if a code for it existed, then it would not take long to customize my site, that's all. I am a perfectionist who values details, so I appreciate your clean execution—bravo! So, let's talk pricing and timeframe and let me know what's needed of me to proceed with the project. : )


Well, if all you want is me to implement that into your site, I can do it for U$123 right away. I'd just need admin access and an upfront payment.

That alone is indeed less than 30 minutes.

I did take very little offense, because my work is too often undervalued, especially by myself! smile But my actual intention there was to give you a better idea on the work behind the curtains there. wink


And when you do have some time, you can edit out anything you don't want to show in public here, and let me know so I move it to public. It is important to me!

There's one minor thing that might bother you by editing and moving it... Like most things on the internet, almost nothing here is really "deleted". There's an edit history kept (for instance, click on the pencil in this very post, and you'll see the history of this post). If that does bother you, we rather just let it go. We can start new public conversations next time.

( or we could start it right away, if you simply create a new topic to keep this going! stuck_out_tongue )

(disclaimer: actually writing this so you get notified on the previous message - sorry the previous one didn't trigger the proper email notification for you!)


Thanks for the behin-the-curtain peek! 😉 And apologies for the delay! I am happy to pay and have you implement the code. I just wish to make sure I am making myself clear. The video in your example plays from a button that also happens to be an image. I wish for my videos to play from links over my homepage image or under a text block. The links resemble buttons, but are linked text as opposed to images... I hope I am making sense. 😊


Yeah, that code will work for any kind of link. The video in my example plays from an image, that just happens to look like a button (but it really isn't a button). I'll modify it and add a button and a text link, and you can see if that's it.

Best way to be sure on what you mean is a link to your homepage. Or sometimes a screenshot might do it. But I don't think there's much room for any confusion here.


Sounds good to me! If you don't mind waiting a bit, I'll happily send you all info requested. I am currently away from my computer and about to step into a meeting. I'll reach out when I get done. In the meantime, let me know what is your preferred method of payment. ☺


Any method under pay. Let me know if you need a paypal invoice, though, as I could also send you one if you prefer.


Hello! A PayPal invoice would be great, thank you! Do you prefer to send it before or after I pay?


Before. And done. I still need the admin access though.


Done. Sending the info your way shortly.


Hi there! Just checking in... wanting to make sure you have everything you need to work on the problem. ☺


Yeah, I'm on it.

I actually found out there was a limitation on my script, it wouldn't work in a few circumstances, so I'm upgrading it to work with yours.

I'll let you know when it's ready! wink


You are awesome! Thank you! 😆


All right, it's done!

Please check if it's all right.


Fantastic! 😀

Four things:
-- the players appear slightly bigger than the screen, so the nav bottom bar is cut off and there is no way to pause the video, but to quit it--is that intentional?
-- each video is a bit jumpy at the beginning, could that be fixed?
-- can the video snap to the width of the screen in iPad and mobile modes?
-- if I were to delete or edit any of the buttons or links, would the rest be affected?


Great questions.

It is intentional.

Looks like that, in general, you actually would prefer not having it really in this kind of full screen, but rather one with possible black borders.

If that's the case, it will be easy to fix it for the first question. In fact, I just did it by commenting 2 blocks of code under Code Injection.

Or else...

There is no navigation bar, and there's not much we can do about it. At least on youtube it's easy to remove it completely. Do take a look on the vimeo example in my site, you'll see all the control interface shows up or hides depending on the size. That's because I don't have a vimeo pro and it was meant to work there, where we can hide the controls (although there are ways around it).

All that being said, I do think there should be an option to add a navigation bar there, and I'll let you know if I find any good way around it. The other two options are either going non full screen (like on that squarefront video) or hosting the video within squarespace (which I think it's not possible).

I do wish to add an option to remove that thumbnail showing up on the beginning, if that's what you meant. I'll work on that next (tomorrow).

I'm not sure about the iPad, but it's already snapping as good as my mobile browser allows on Android. I'll double check it tomorrow as well, but it should be fine.

Delete or edit the buttons at your will. If you do delete a button, be sure to remove the correspondent video from the gallery along. It's about being aware of the steps on http://www.cregox.com/full-video/


Caue, you rock! Thanks for working so quickly--the site is looking great!

  1. I love what you did with the code injection. The video is large enough and the YouTube logo is not cut off (as much as I don't care to see it, it looks like a mistake when it's cropped at the bottom). I still like the idea of integrating a navigation bar, so I'd appreciate you looking into it. Unfortunately, it would have to be YouTube, not Vimeo, though I very much like both video players on your site.

  2. I believe it's the thumbnails that are causing this issue, so it might be solved by removing them--I agree with you. Thanks for working on that as well!

  3. Both iPad and mobile look good now, problem solved!

  4. The buttons over the landing homepage image are the ones I'd rather delete and only have in the About section. On mobile they stack up oddly and cover most of the image. BUT, they've been requested there. We'll review and decide tomorrow whether they stay or go. The rest should be fine.

Thanks for all your help again!

Talk tomorrow! 😊😴