Squarespace Developer Needed (for making a video button)


Hello! A PayPal invoice would be great, thank you! Do you prefer to send it before or after I pay?


Before. And done. I still need the admin access though.


Done. Sending the info your way shortly.


Hi there! Just checking in... wanting to make sure you have everything you need to work on the problem. ☺


Yeah, I'm on it.

I actually found out there was a limitation on my script, it wouldn't work in a few circumstances, so I'm upgrading it to work with yours.

I'll let you know when it's ready! wink


You are awesome! Thank you! 😆


All right, it's done!

Please check if it's all right.


Fantastic! 😀

Four things:
-- the players appear slightly bigger than the screen, so the nav bottom bar is cut off and there is no way to pause the video, but to quit it--is that intentional?
-- each video is a bit jumpy at the beginning, could that be fixed?
-- can the video snap to the width of the screen in iPad and mobile modes?
-- if I were to delete or edit any of the buttons or links, would the rest be affected?


Great questions.

It is intentional.

Looks like that, in general, you actually would prefer not having it really in this kind of full screen, but rather one with possible black borders.

If that's the case, it will be easy to fix it for the first question. In fact, I just did it by commenting 2 blocks of code under Code Injection.

Or else...

There is no navigation bar, and there's not much we can do about it. At least on youtube it's easy to remove it completely. Do take a look on the vimeo example in my site, you'll see all the control interface shows up or hides depending on the size. That's because I don't have a vimeo pro and it was meant to work there, where we can hide the controls (although there are ways around it).

All that being said, I do think there should be an option to add a navigation bar there, and I'll let you know if I find any good way around it. The other two options are either going non full screen (like on that squarefront video) or hosting the video within squarespace (which I think it's not possible).

I do wish to add an option to remove that thumbnail showing up on the beginning, if that's what you meant. I'll work on that next (tomorrow).

I'm not sure about the iPad, but it's already snapping as good as my mobile browser allows on Android. I'll double check it tomorrow as well, but it should be fine.

Delete or edit the buttons at your will. If you do delete a button, be sure to remove the correspondent video from the gallery along. It's about being aware of the steps on http://www.cregox.com/full-video/


Caue, you rock! Thanks for working so quickly--the site is looking great!

  1. I love what you did with the code injection. The video is large enough and the YouTube logo is not cut off (as much as I don't care to see it, it looks like a mistake when it's cropped at the bottom). I still like the idea of integrating a navigation bar, so I'd appreciate you looking into it. Unfortunately, it would have to be YouTube, not Vimeo, though I very much like both video players on your site.

  2. I believe it's the thumbnails that are causing this issue, so it might be solved by removing them--I agree with you. Thanks for working on that as well!

  3. Both iPad and mobile look good now, problem solved!

  4. The buttons over the landing homepage image are the ones I'd rather delete and only have in the About section. On mobile they stack up oddly and cover most of the image. BUT, they've been requested there. We'll review and decide tomorrow whether they stay or go. The rest should be fine.

Thanks for all your help again!

Talk tomorrow! 😊😴


1) Oh yeah, I forgot to remove the control removal from there! It's ezpz and done. I had added &showinfo=0&controls=0 after each youtube link on each gallery, to intentionally remove the controls, as I said. Now I removed it.

4) There's not much I can think of to improve those buttons, but we could remove those buttons from small screens only using simple CSS, such as:

@media screen and (max-width: 700px) {
    display: none;



1) I see the navigation bar now and it's as good as can be for feeding the video through YouTube. I loved it without, but the viewer needs it.

4) The buttons on the HP are duplicates of the ones under ABOUT. I need to review with my client and decide which set stays and which goes.

5) I noticed carousel type navigation arrows over each video. I suppose the thumbnail and video are being viewed as two different items. Is that something that will be solved by removing the video thumbnails, same as with problem #2?


Looks like we're reaching an end soon!

2) Done. It was rather simple.

5) I usually never add more than 1 video to the gallery for this code, so I never noticed those navigation arrows before. I like it there! smile We can remove it regardless of #2. Probably the best way to do it is using 1 video per gallery. You may notice they don't show on any of the career videos. That way it's also easy to go back if you want in the future.


Beautiful! clap

And apologies for the delay--finishing up the to-do list before hopefully launching tomorrow, fingers crossed, and did not get a notification you had wrapped it all up. The ONLY issue I noticed was that the control bar on the CAREER acting reel video is missing again, perhaps the code got deleted by accident. Could you put it back in?

Thank you much! grinning


No idea how that sneaked in there. :o

Now we're basically finished, I wanted to say a few things...

This new Lisa website looks so much better than the old one! balloon

And then, as someone who's aspiring (probably in the too distant future) to make a movie (and this is the farthest I've got), I wished I had something more to say, ask or share. But right now I don't. I guess I'm just glad by this little coincidence. blush

Finally, as much as I now better understand why you may wanted to keep this private, I still see no real big deal here. I would really appreciate if you could find some time to sanitize out whatever you want from here and give me an ok to move this into public. That being said, I suppose it's also not quite that much of a big deal to just leave it as it is. I just hope most or all of next ones we can make in public.

Cheers! sunflower


You are hilarious! joy

I meant to reply to your post sooner, but could not stop following your links and reading on about your failed attempts at making movies, or discovering your calling... not to mention third time is sadly not the charm in your case!

That being said, you should know that you are very much TOP in my book, so carry on, my friend! star2

You should also know that I very much intend to stay in touch and converse on numerous topics, most if not all of which public. So, if you don't mind, let's let this one slide. Deal? smiley

Thanks a million for all your help again!


P.S. I am glad you like the new site "much better". The question is how much and is that enough?! wink


Thanks, so much for all the praising, and for bringing me work. man_with_gua_pi_mao

If it's enough, only time will tell. I suppose you're wondering that because there was some sales goal for her behind it. And I'm in no position to give advices on marketing... Maybe I should even consult with your web branding specialty later on, when I start getting enough sales. Looks like you're in a similar path as I in that sense.

Anyway, I did find it way more beautiful!

I think it has a lot to do with how squarespace promotes using images, and the fresh looking layout that will also look old in a few years. But it has also something to do with the simplicity, which never gets old. That's what have always made Google and Apple look so great since their beginning.

Any reason why there's no blog in the new one, though? That'd sure help directing some traffic towards it.


No, thank YOU!

You are correct, only time will tell if the site has served it's purpose. The site was essentially meant to be a visual resume of a sort, and "beautiful" was a key word for the project. Obviously, right up there with clean, minimal, functional, user-friendly, and fresh. Granted, websites don't tend to be timeless, but rather trendy. And sooner than later, within 3-5 years, they become outdated. So, let's hope it's enough! wink

To answer your question, her blog is linked to the site, but Squarespace does not support the Blogspot icon, so I had to add it as a link. She has no desire to contribute and maintain the blog any longer, but wishes for users to still have access to her old content, thus the less prominent position on the site.

Also, we are about to go live, hopefully within the next few hours and I want to make sure I can remove you as a contributor and transfer ownership to my client safely, without affecting any of the code (not sure if you are the author of any of the content). Please confirm that it's ok to proceed. smile

And a big THANK YOU again--could not have done it without you!



Sounds perfect. sunny


thumbsup muscle grinning

Until next time!