Squarespace Help! Custom Gallery. Available to hire?



My wife and I running a wedding videography company and are in the process of building our website on Squarespace and we've ran into a little snag. We would like to have a gallery to display our videos, which are hosted on Vimeo, but don't like the options for video galleries that they offer. What I would like to do is start with a blank page and add photos our our couples to it so that we can size them and arrange them however we would like, instead of sticking to the confines of the gallery. I've attached an image to give you and idea of what I am thinking. When a picture is clicked on, I would like the corresponding video to open up in a lightbox covering most of the screen. I've tried to accomplish this using some of the code you have out there for doing the same idea with buttons, but haven't been able to get it to work properly.

Are you available to hire to come up with a solution, or if you already have one would you mind leading me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for getting in touch Bob! I find it actually somewhat nice people still seek for my help on this.

Thing is I'm not working with this anymore for over 1 year now and got no solution for this. However...

Have you tried using a blank page and adding images, one by one, manually? That's the only way to achieve what you want with squarespace I can think of - short of going into developer mode and making a very complex template.

As for the lightbox I might be able to take a look but you'd need to give me more details of the steps you've tried, why you think it isn't working and ideally a web link to your attempt.

In another note, you may want to take a look at this alternative:

I have got into it quite a while ago, tried it, and didn't like it. I think this grid thing is not for me, even when it gets more mature and interesting. But who knows, maybe it works for your needs there. :wink:


Thanks for getting back to me! I have tried quite a few things, but while I can read through HTML for the most part, JavaScript is very foreign to me. I have tried the lightbox script you had posted for warner, but I could never get it to work quite like I wanted. As you suggested, the blank page had been my preferred starting point, as it gives me the most flexibility over my layout, but the only way I can make it work is using the link to the Vimeo videos, which takes them off out page and I don't want them to have to leave the page. At one point I had the videos opening in a light box, but only with the video in a gallery below, and sometimes they would show up below and sometimes they wouldn't. I had no idea what was going on, but now I can't even get it to do that.

I am out of town until next Tuesday, but I'll take a look at the link you sent me and see if I think it will work. I know you don't work on this anymore and I don't blame you, but I thought I would reach out because you are the only person I could find online that has posted any relevant solutions to similar issues. I think my biggest trouble is that in squarespace I don't know where the code needs to be posted. I had done a ton of work early on to design an entire website via HTML and then had trouble making it mobile responsive, which made me turn to squarespace, but now I'm stuck because I can't seem to find any help on modifying their templates.

If I made the page I'm working on public and sent you the link, would you mind taking a look at it and telling me what you think?

Thanks a lot for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.




Yeah, I don't mind. Send me the link, I'll take a look. Just can't promise any speed on it. :turtle:

Javascript has so much to do with HTML as spiderman has to do with a spider: the little spider would be happy if it could do even 1% of what spiderman can do. It's a whole different beast to learn. :bear:



Just wanted to let you know that I went through your code again and tried
it one more time and got it to work.




Awesome! Lovely news. The third time is a charm, huh? :slight_smile: