Squarespace set up inquiry - ref Mike Mills



Please, do read www.cregox.com/your-home

I'd love to make you the full site working just like Mike Mills site! smile

Adding content, handling the blog and the commerce are all features of squarespace, so there's no work required from my side there.

I could record a video with around 1h of my job giving you pointers on how dealing with it, if you need.

So, to make an exact replica of mike's, it should take me less than 4 hours and on my new table it would cost U$ 492 with an upfront payment of U$ 321

However, if you give me the upfront payment before next Wednesday 18th, I can keep the old cost of U$ 217 and initial payment of U$ 91

Finally, if by any chance you will want any modifications rather than an exact copy, you could tell me about it before hand or later, but keep in mind in any case the cost might be modified as well.


That sounds great. I can pay you before the 18th. No problem.

The only thing that I want to add that is different than the Mike Mills site is to have a page that has a fullscreen video player like www.kanyewest.com Is that difficult? It could stream from either Youtube or Vimeo?

Thank you for the quick response!



That's actually quite simple, and different from a background video. It won't be any extra cost.

Here is a link with more info, which I just answered in the blank after googling for squarespace full screen video:



Ok great! I can get you payment tonight or tomorrow. Do I pay through your site?

I noticed on Mike Mills site, there are a few different thumbnail sizes for his projects. Do you need to know these exact sizes for my site? Would I be able to go and change them later?


I could send you a paypal invoice if you need, but I'm cool if you'd pay through my site (there's a link right on the top here).

I don't need to know the sizes. However, I do need to explain you a bit more about my work. Please bear with me.


I took a deeper look at it and now I need to elaborate more on this, to make things a bit clearer and adapt to what I had in mind on my quotation... Because I did overlook a couple of things, but I could still keep the general commitment within that cost if you agree.

Let me make this clear: I won't make the whole site. I'll just make a site that look and feel exactly like it, or the closest I can get within 4 hours. After I do it, you should be able to use squarespace's awesome front end to add your content (write texts, add photos and videos), which I won't do (at least for this quote, unless you want to pay me to do so later on).


His website consists of basically 4 galleries, 2 pages, the blog and the landing home.

The 4 galleries work pretty much the same way, but some gallery items are galleries themselves (rather than just 1 picture). This is the first thing I've overlooked. I haven't noticed it before. I'll get back to it below.

The 2 pages (about and links) are pretty straight forward and easy to do. I might be able to help you a bit on the links (about listing the galleries), but about it's all content you should bring.

The blog I'd need to customize a bit to add pictures to the blog items list. It looks like he used to post mostly pictures and little text, more like a tumblr, and without links to each actual post, and very confusing post separation there, but I sure can replicate all that. Then you populate it as well.


I'm having some issues figuring out a good and simple way to replicate the home and galleries within galleries. The home have all galleries mixed up together, and each thumbnail directs to that gallery specific "post". This is the second thing I've overlooked.

So, I am really sorry, but after much consideration...

I can't keep the quote!

... unless you really really want to.

Probably the only way I could keep my quote here is making the home page manually. No automation there. That page would be troublesome to maintain.

And just forget the galleries within galleries.

At least this way I could also, if you enjoy my work, upgrade it later and just do another job to make the home page properly automated. I'd keep the old price for you in this case. And I would need to do a lot more research (than what I've already did) on how I could make it work.

And if you still want to even consider working with me after this huge issue, I'll keep on looking for what I can do for those gallery-galleries.

Sigh... Squarespace galleries are a terrible pain to customize! I should've known better.


Hey, no problem. Thank you for checking out the site.

So, I think we can make some tweaks to the set up to make it easier. In fact, I don't need to do a links page. I will eventually have a Store page that i will need help with later on but for now, i don't need it.

For the homepage, I would like to definitely like it to be easy to maintain. If you need to adjust the price slightly, I can afford to pay a little more.

This is actually how my site will be organized.
Here are the links/pages

Displays all project thumbnails like Mike Mills Homepage

Full Screen youtube or vimeo video

Displays project thumbnails that link to their individual posts like

Displays project thumbnails that link to individual posts like

Text based page like Mike Mills About page

Blog setup like Mike Mills blog

Text page like Mike Mills About page

Lastly, I would like to use the same exact typeface. I believe Mike Mills is using Nimbus Sans through TypeKit.

Would the thumbnail sizes be easy to change if I wanted to change the size?


Okay! It took me a while to answer this because I wanted to make sure I get it right this time.

A great advantage I foresee in doing this in squarespace is it's probably won't be such a slow website like Mike's is! wink

Also, you'd be able to add content by email and allow for subscribers!

So, let me try to simplify it all. Instead of trying to make an exact copy of Mike's, I'll tell you what I can do which will allow you to get pretty close, with some advantages and one disadvantage:

  • Make it easy for you to choose the thumbnail size for each of those blocks, in which you would use the Custom CSS interface.

  • Transform the stacked gallery block (best of the four to do the transformation) into a continuous horizontal flow of images just like it happens on all pages there on Mike's. If your screen is big enough, they'll show all in just 1 line.

  • Make the list summary (again, best of the four) into that continuous horizontal flow as well (that would however be limited to 30 items per block). This would probably be your prefered method for all the index pages.

  • Grab images or galleries within each blog post to show up along (this is actually quite a lot of AJAX to do) and make it optional (so you can have pages without this feature, such as Mike's /graphics)

  • Make a blog page listing (which is limited to show 20 posts per page) into the continuous horizontal flow. Maybe you don't want this due to the page limitation, though. The advantage here is the pagination makes each page faster to load (Mike's site is really heavy for not dealing with this).

  • Mix up many summaries and galleries within one page, and mix and reorder them, to get an effect very similar from Mike's home. I can only order per date of postage if it's a summary blog block. You could use this instead of the blog page index there, for all other indexes, but then the limit would be 30 items total, without paging. The home page would have this limit as well, but it's very welcomed as to not make it too heavy, after all it will be mixing up at least 3 collections up to at least 90 pictures in a single page!

  • Yes, they're using Nimbus Sans indeed! Quite straight forward thing to do with typekit on sqsp. (On a side note, using a custom font, however, is actually quite more difficult than it should. It's harder than the video background, for instance, and not something I would just include in a small quote. It sure can be done, but it requires more than what's on this link to do it properly).

The actual main disadvantage I can foresee here is those paging and limitations mentioned. There are no good ways to go around it (unless we go on developer mode). I personally would prefer if squarespace were already using "endless scrolling smart paging" (like it happens here on this very forum!), I find it much better than old paging scheme. But it does have a few down points as well... I'm getting too techie here.

I guess my problem initially was "just" (it actually took me a couple days now) a matter on coming up with a good idea on how to implement everything. And I think now I'm covering it all! wink

So, that's a lot of work as expected (on my second time). And all that would be the "later upgrade" I've mentioned. The price will be much higher, unfortunately.

We could also just go with developer mode (as most specialists would probably advise), but I always try to avoid it for small businesses because then (1) it doesn't get the squarespace updates which means it will get outdated in a few years and might need to be all remade and (2) it's usually a lot more work to begin with which means more expenses for everyone.

In any case, that's why I work with a variable quote. You see, just to get to this point, I had to do a lot of research already, despite all my expertise. And that's a cost for me (obviously not for you). It's an investment I have to do in myself. Sometimes it's something I can use for other clients and then recover my investment. Other times it's just too specific and I must charge the client. Most of the times it's really difficult to separate.

When I say "maximum cost" what I'm really saying is "I bet my specific work with you won't surpass that because, if it does, I will have to pay for it". And if it doesn't, I will charge you less!

So, finally ( and a TL;DR if you will stuck_out_tongue )... For all of that, it will be a maximum of 16 hours, or U$ 721 and a minimum deposit of U$ 385. I'll extend the limit for you to accept this quote up to Saturday.



Thank you so much for all your research and help here. I really appreciate it!!!! +1

Unfortunately, $721 is over my budget. My maximum budget for this is $400 pensive . I completely understand if you cannot do this job for that amount of money. I could maybe do $450 but that will be tight for me. I've recently invested a lot of money into a few other projects going on at the moment, so unfortunately this is all i can do for now.

If you can accept this rate and the outcome is great, I would absolutely recommend you to other people and also book you for future work.



Well, I could say a few things about that.

  • My last message was already big and probably confusing enough, so I didn't mention I could of course keep the previous idea of "making less" for the first quote ( U$ 217 ) as I hope that was implicit. Now I just wanted to let this option clear.

  • Your budget fits well within the first minimum deposit, so I could take the second part (if needed) quite later down the road (up to 6 months). Keep in mind it is a variable quote and there's a good chance I won't take that long (from experience, only 20% of projects I take get close to my maximum, else this business couldn't survive).

  • Say I do need to go up to the maximum price, I could also stop before I do. And then next year or so we could continue. I can wrap it up at some point.

  • Lastly, we could, maybe, go on with some old way of trading. You see, this whole business is new to me and I'm really trying to make it work. If you could help me with that it would be very valuable to me, and I'd waive a proportional part ( maybe I would have to pay you, in the end! stuck_out_tongue ). Just a wild option. Here for more details.


Ok, the only thing is that I would need the site to be completed and functional. I can't have it only be close to done. This is an important site as it would be showcasing all of my music work.

Are there any ways we can make this easier for you?
Maybe there are only 2 gallery styles. One for the homepage and then the same style one for Discography & Picture.

Displays all project thumbnails like Mike Mills Homepage

Full Screen youtube or vimeo video

Displays project thumbnails that link to their individual posts like

Displays project thumbnails that link to individual posts like

Text based page like Mike Mills About page

Blog setup like Mike Mills blog

Text page like Mike Mills About page

Do you think it could stay under $400? I really want to get started on this asap.

If you accept, i can transfer the money tonight or first thing tomorrow.


Yeah, about that third item, I wouldn't leave it unfinished, I'd wrap it up and make it working. All functional. I meant it could be not completed as first envisioned, but it would be complete on its own.

I can't think of any simple way to make that home page, though. Which is quite sad given how simplistic it is (or at least looks).

Recently I had some experience with so much customization as this and I concluded it would probably be better to go developer mode.

My biggest personal issue going that route is I still haven't made a project using it, so I will have to spend some time learning some aspects of it and it's time I won't have this month.

So, I tell you what:

If you will, let's close it for U$ 385 ( I don't like round numbers, they're meaningless stuck_out_tongue ), you pay me U$ 217 upfront and I start working as soon as I can (which may mean only next month's first week) and I get it done to you in about 2 weeks after that. So, my due date would be about 1 month from now. Let's say April 21st.

What do you say?

I can invoice you when I would start it so, until then, feel free to find alternatives...

Unless you really want to settle, then I can invoice you know. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye