Standing Invitation


This is for Patrick, the dude who says he loves to get emails (the invitation).

I just found you thanks to an indication from Joe and started reading your site. I'm still on it and got a long way to go - haven't even completely finished your most popular and awesome blog post there (though I did read almost all of it).

I also I read you love receiving emails (right there on the front page), so I decided to write early on anyway:

Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] for just about any reason. I love talking to other small businesses at any time, for any reason: please, drop me an email.

I, at other hand, prefer public places rather than emails. Because other than my passwords, I don't have any data that's sensitive enough in need of privacy. And because I love to share. So, if you're able to respond this and you're willing to continue, please choose your prefered method. You already know mine. wink

So, I'm not even sure why I'm writing you...

I guess I just wanted to say "hi".

Also I think you should implement discourse to your site! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

In fact...

I would have so many questions, looking for experienced advices. Because your writing is, as you say, pretty convincing. But, from your "faq":

I am thinking of starting my own mISV. Any advice? Scads. Either send me an email with specific questions or just start reading the archives. I rather recommend starting at the back and continuing forward.

So I'll make just one very specific question: I am currently looking for partners and angels other than a job. I'm thinking in making a video a tiny bit like ME and try to viralize it to pitch for investors. Do you think it's a good idea? Despite having some expertise into "film making" in general, I am not so sure.

Of course that's far from my only plan and that's not even all there is about it, so if you're looking to read more, maybe you could start here:

And there: which I just included a small story about myself.

Just saw (not read) your post about reliable websites... Is it older than squarespace (wow, I just found about ceros as well, serendipitly, which is actually obviously newer) and such? Maybe you should update it. Or maybe I should just read it. stuck_out_tongue