Starting a pod with this making of "cregox cast"


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continuing the discussion from Let's make a podcast?

unedited video (starts at 40:26 and gets better around 1:22:42 when Moe "@admin.r99" gets in):

to join in while it's happening, click here.

it's like hangouts have just improved for making this startup even better! and boy, I've been making lots of making ofs lately. :smile:

so the cast will have no theme whatsoever. the first episode however, should be a hangout around:

  • Ai, basiux and play escape (which will happen in Lisbon 1 week from tomorrow)
  • more topics?
  • hopefuly finish up with a game like science or fiction?

recording will be public and start in about 11 hours from now at 22:00 UTC 0 (add yourself). preparations begin now.

@admin.r99 will be a guest and everyone is welcomed to join in.

can't wait to see what will happen out of this... :smiley:


this is one of the main links promised:

and this is a wrong but interesting fix for it (click this line)

the right fix would show what have been fixed, which was basically reversing both axis's without changing the graph. but more than that, the fix is just plain wrong. the original version is perfect.

PASSAGE! there, that will be the answer to "more topics" and "mini game in the end". I'll try to find small games like that amazing one from Jason Rohrer and we'll talk about it. whoever brings a mini game have to write down a "right answer" people will try to guess. let's call it "read my mind". :smiley:

ok, now I need to find Jason's email... (edited) that was simple enough. I had already briefly talked to him back in 2014, when I first got to know about him in a Unity3D event, through lots of awesome coincidences.

@yurebis you wanted to play Eve? maybe it's too much time consuming... how about Castle? I just bought it and I'll try it tonight, hopefuly.

this also reminds me of an awesome story in london, about 2 weeks ago, when I found Mariusz Pwinski Luigi (reason I want to rebrand Mariox as Mariux) living on the streets the night before meeting Dream Stake at google camp. We had agreed to meet soon afterwards, but I never saw him again. I hope he's all right and he can find me one day. Too bad I could do almost nothing for him back then or even now... He felt like a polish brother I never knew I had - maybe because he was born just couple months before me, almost in April 1st. :smiley:

Or maybe that's just way too much crazy talk! :worried:

or not :rice_cracker:


(still missing notes from the cast)

Cregox cast 2 - read my mind, oooh yeah!