Stricly Sexual (2008) 14/16 is a little underrated jewel and almost perfect in every sense - consistent, caring


Here are the 4 protagonists in a scene that actually happens before the film beginning (so, hopefully no spoilers! :slightly_smiling:)

So, this is where IMRS started (kind of)! :)

Strictly Sexual ; 87.5% (0111111)

I won't be surprised if I change this to 16/16 in the near future, after finding out about how much psycho science was actually put into this... But since right now I have no clue, I'll just give my safest score to it.

Not sure why I rated this 7 when I first watched it, about 6 or 5 years ago. This is now the first movie I'm rating according to this brand new movie rating scale I just made up precisely because I wanted to properly rate this flick - and it's a definite IMDB 10 for me, even while not apparently perfect.

It's hard to write about this without any spoilers... From here below, you might want to simply skip or leave for reading afterwards.

I once thought the ending was a bit "coward" (offering the realistic and romantic ending 2 in 1) but in reality the mix is quite good plus a bit refreshing. There was this unexplained main character's mood switch near the ending, which could have been better stitched, but other than that, all I know about the movie is what I read in the one review quoted below which leads me to my many kudos to Stevie Long! Really a piece of art. :smile:

Again, watched it without knowing anything, and I haven't digged it down enough but... Really thought the writer and director were the same person and then after realizing he was courageously the main instead it made even more sense! I'd bet Stevie directed the director. Just legendary. :smiley:

Strictly Sensational! - review from (crimeflix)
  • 10/10
  • 8 December 2008

I was lucky enough to see an advance screening of this film earlier in the year and it absolutely rocks. It's an edgy, hilarious, ultimately charming romantic comedy. The script, direction and ensemble cast are terrific. Amber Benson delivers what might be the most nuanced performance of her career. Newcomer (and screenwriter) Stevie Long steals scenes in a performance on par with Jon Favreau in Swingers. The structure of the film is reminiscent of Woody Allen's work, particularly Annie Hall and Manhattan, but with a hip, updated feel. The film has been a huge hit in Europe and I hope that carries over in the U.S. Highly recommended! Jason Starr, author of THE FOLLOWER and TWISTED CITY.

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