Telling my story


There's too much to read and too little to show, about me. Just try and google me. Or go through each link there, on my about, recursively.

Here I want to try and really start changing that. I feel like I've got so much to tell... And I need to make myself clear somehow. Words just don't cut it.

Introduce food seekers.

Because we're still missing the next thing in communication-entertainment-technology and, while this won't be it, it's my current attempt to getting a first step in that direction.


Few days ago I decided even this food seeker idea is too much for a next step.

So now I'm thinking about building either some kind of simple game (or maybe some kind of esfi) and/or an introductory video seeking for investment, like that guy who did it for google.

You see, I could use a good scholarship and I'm on the latest age I could get one. Instead of going to college with that money it, though, I'd spend it on expenses to focus in one thing only: get my project done (food seekers). 4 years will sure be enough. I could, in fact, get something done in the first year, now I know what it is. I actually have written a very simple script for a simpler idea yet.

I'd go to the best schools I could get free access to, anywhere in the world, and meet with people who are willing to join in and make it happen. I'd go to conventions and centers where I can meet those young people of any age, such as myself. I could do it alone in the first couple years, worst case scenario.

And I would make it happen. Just like I did with other achievable projects.

But, I realize even if I do make a great video I still may find nobody willing to bet on me. Reason why I thought of just making "some simple game" and profiting from it. This, however, is something I might not be able to do within the few short months left I got in front of me...

And there I go, keep on trying to move forward! wink

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