Thank you for the warning about Crossover


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You're welcome, but... I think you probably haven't read the whole review.

Crossover is actually a very decent company. They're just struggling to a booming growth and trying to get on their feet in a kinda desperate (imho) attempt to make things right. I will still apply and, luckily, work there in a meaningful role, even if only for 1 month or one year.

BTW your site doesn't work nor google links to your blog! :frowning:

Cheers. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the reply.
Yeah I think i misunderstood your review a bit :sweat_smile: but nevertheless thanks, I now started working as a freelancer for another company, and I think I am getting used to finding jobs online.

About my blog yeah it was down for about 2 days because I had to do some changes on my VPS. So now its up and running.

Thanks again love your site and forum.


Aha, now I could see your fun geeky quote for life. Here's my little "fork":

illusion = 0

async choice:
    result = 0.34 * random * illusion
    delay 8  # seconds
    return result

    born = 0.33 * random  # either 0 or 1
    happy = random
    dead = random
    while not dead:
        illusion = random  # perception
        luck = 0.33 * random * illusion
        happy = (born + luck + choice) > 0.5 # is the glass half full?
        dead = random

:heart: :chaos: 7 :four_leaf_clover:

Here's a very geeky way of defining how life works and a clue: chance plays a bit of a role