The Grid - Artificial Intelligence making web design


You probably heard of The Grid by now:

From the CEO:

So basically, you throw content in—images, videos, text—and the output is an elegant website that’s as easy to update as your Facebook page. But it’s constantly evolving and improving itself, trying to figure out the best possible layout—to go beyond what’s possible with drag-and-drop builders.

Our technical innovation is in the application of machine learning, constraint solvers and other Computer Science gems to web design.

I've heard about it from a friend (who's searching for a new website service) and soon after I became a founding member, few days ago. Then I started to see it advertised everywhere! And now I'm hoping I wasn't mislead by all the excitement.

Anyone have an insight about it?

As far as I can see, it's all legit and it will be coming soon indeed. And what I love the most about it, reason why I started researching to see if there was anything fishy about it, was they have an automated backup to github! Pretty cool. Not to count all the artificial intelligence stuff. I just love talking about intelligence (and the brain). smile

P.S.: If you're thinking in becoming a founding member and you're glad you found about it now, consider giving me the referee! wink ->

( this is basically a replication of my post on HTG )

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