"The Singularity" is it just silly?


Necromancing 12 years topic! :stuck_out_tongue:

What you guys think about it today?

I just started studying AI on my own few months ago and maybe the gold post for the global consciousness / archetype about it moved a lot, but I can see easy answers to all your questions there. I could only see 2 main themes.

(1) Singularity based on Moore still looks quite possible to happen as Moore continues to be reliable even today. To me it only means that computers will get faster and at some point they must be fast enough for a single personal computer becoming able to emulate the human brain as a whole. That's not when the singularity would happen yet, though. And that's just 1 way it might happen.

(2) If a sentient intelligence would just go away on its ways and completely ignore us, we would just keep trying to create new ones that wouldn't ignore us. So, that's mostly irrelevant to think about. It may have already happened and we wouldn't know.

(4) Since there was no 3rd theme, I'll add one here: what if a conscious software were already possible to be created today? From my perspective, the main reasons it doesn't exist yet is wrong development approaches, such as trying to be too careful.

The internet as a whole is already much more powerful than a single human brain, even if it isn't 1 concise quick organ communicating as fast as neurons.

And trying to control such a powerful weapon can be catastrophic IMHO. We may have only 1 shot of making the SuperIntelligence something that won't destroy us and, from every science project ever made, we know humans don't get it right on the first shot. It should be developed in a way as to not offer us any control.

Now, this is yet just my own theory, but I do have lots of more reasoning as to why, which may still need to be written down.

Ray Kurzweil Nobel prize talk on Ai and tech singularity

Now I do. I have a bit of undiagnosed asparagus. And I play with Ai with a
big interest for all my life. My "study" there is also nothing
conventional. I bet you, in less than 2 years I could pass a test for a PhD
without having made any studies on that area before. For something I love
like this? Make it 1 year. I would just need a guaranteed basic income,
something I never had, since I'm 17 or so. 34 now.

And by "Now I do" I mean that's something I didn't know at some point in my life. I didn't know what that kind of crazy meant. And I still struggle to better use words socially. With "clarity" they say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That's why I still sound much crazier on my blog than I do on my quora profile. Maybe you should read me there... :wink:

In here, I assume people know how to use wikipedia properly, at least, and have done their "homework", clicking on the links.

Why books are way too outdated

Don't worry, I went to many medical doctors, and I will continue to do so every time I can. :wink:

I'm aware and certain to have lots of brain issues, heritage from my father. I'm also aware of what depression and bipolar means...

And I bet you I'm not offending anyone there, but I understand I can offend a few of diagnosable people. Can't please everyone all the time, I'm no diplomat and I don't want to play politics. Gotta sacrifice at some point, I choose communicating in my peculiar way.

I've already started small, and I sure need funding. I thought for a few momments there I had found something very small people are interested... But it was nothing.

Anyway, yeah. Life is tough. Gotta keep the hope! :wink: