Time to move again, with ai+mprove anywhere!


first, some nonsense rambling / making of this post

It have been a long time since I've posted anything anywhere. Now I need to start moving again... In many different senses. I've started writing this mostly as a rant, almost exactly 168 hours ago (1 week). Now I decided to edit it and include the idea I really want to share (improv everywhere). Take a look at the edit history if you want to read more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For one, I must kill most of my past online presence. No, I won't erase anything, hopefully, but some data might be lost in the process. I won't be able to keep this discourse forum for much longer, mostly because I find it idiotic how there's so much care for versioning and, yet, so much censorship, so I need to migrate to a better tool. And I won't be able to keep squarespace for basically the same reason: lack of properly saving data in a transparent way. So I need to move away from both. It is still same core reason why I've moved the blog (from sqsp to dsc).

Just a little while ago I was innocently talking on stackoverflow through comments and they wiped a comment of mine, 3 times, probably because it contained fucking, bullshit and/or censoring, or maybe because I said I hate someone. It was something along these lines: I now officially hate Jeff Atwood from the bottom of my heart, along with all his work. I'm fucking tired of this censoring bullshit - hope I get a good content reviewer human this time (4th attempt), like on the first one (actually 0th attempt). I've been working as moderator in an online tool which most people think is all done by bots... Well, thing is it's still cheaper and better to hire people for that. And we make, ideally, 1% of mistakes.

As if those 2 movements alone weren't enough, I also probably need to stop writing shitty posts like this and find some better way to communicate. I guess this is just some reminiscent will. Nobody cares about my ramblings, why should I continue posting them publicly? Or maybe it will all make sense later on, for my own sake... After all, this might be just me talking to myself and fuck the rest. Still, this could be too cryptic yet again even for my future self. It wouldn't be the first time.

And eventually I need to start working full time with something...

Well, i might be the case I finally had an idea of what that might be!

how ai+mprove anywhere is being born

this is an idea I just had while waking up in the middle of sleep. it kinda came from brainstorming another initial idea with myself and it may have been inspired by my annoying dad's own idea of just getting a camera and doing whatever with it. he actually wanted me to try doing improv comedy on the streets without any scripting, and he got so hyped by himself he wanted to do it on his end (luckily he lives in another country than I for the past year) if only I would tell him I want him to do it. well, bad parents aside...

what woke me up was thinking on how I could invite someone to take a weekend, record for 1 or 2 hours something live streaming (someone needs to be the cameraman since I have no drones) and try to somehow communicate with the audience - gather their suggestions in a "whose line is it anyway" style, or something. I'm writing the ideas in order here...

then I started to picture how it could go wrong. well, first microphones. it's the hardest technical part for me, as I've got zero experience with good ones, and best mic I've got is my headset, which can't be used for livestreaming into a cell phone camera dude. so, old speechless style came to mind. and, in time, improv everywhere.

finally I started to think how to make it happen. thing is, if we plan too much we never really do it. I think I've got enough to start talking with people for trying to improve this idea itself into something we can do. right now my plan is asking everyone who wants to participate, specially at my current job, since starting next month my weekends will take turns and also because there's a good chance I'll find at least 1 person interested there.

hopefully it will be always themed with Ai in mind... my experience with doing amateur-professional theater once tells me that's probably not possible, but now I'll try much harder to always inject a little something into the script. yes, since my first idea I wanted to use at least 8x times more than filming into scripting and planning.

so, are you in Lisbon? do you want to take part of this? :slight_smile:

another idea I had was making it live in many places, but let's take one step per time.

(time to review, clean up and add links)