To Penn: Please, Shout This to Everyone!


This will be coming completely out of the blue (and as a reply to the "Please Keep This Quiet!" makepennbad email), but I'll give it a shot.

You certainly don't know me, among the thousands of fans who contributed with Director's Cut, so...

Hi, I'm cregox, the open sourced artificial mind of Caue Rego, still not uploaded to the cloud and living in a meat sack - :slightly_smiling:

And I wanted to suck your di... I mean, I would love to work with you! You know, making movies.

But since that's not possible today or in a foreseeable future, here I just wanted to bring you this one question:

Would you consider making a sci-fi flick based in science and skepticism?

I know you love Randi... But do you know Steve Novella, from science based medicine? Like you and him, I also love sniffing bullshits just as much as your next neighbor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Think of The Martian or Interstellar. A dystopian future in which the Technological Singularity (Artificial Super Intelligence) have became evil almost at the same time another one had became benevolent to us (among many other lost ones). Forget everything you saw about Ai in the movies today, they're all wrong, including 2001, Her, Matrix and Terminator, the only 4 ones that have any science in it (that I can recall so far - but this is a wiki post, do contribute with more!).

If by any chance or stretch of the imagination you could be interested in this, I can write more right away. For now, it's all in my personal sketches and mind.

As a blogger and a progammer* I have and I can write good scripts, but not alone at this moment (and have only done in portuguese so far). One big thing about writing a good script is using every resource we have in hands to their maximum, and not trying to think you'll be able to get a hollywood funding at anytime.

In fact, I would like this to be independent as well, but I'm afraid that if I try to go as you did, I just may not live long enough to see the results. You know, anytime between now and the next 10 years, in my mind, have a huge possibility of "bringing ultron" to life (terrible ai movie, just to re-enforce). This video has everything you need to know to begin understanding what is ASI and why everyone should know about it:

This is, like all content I make, licensed under JUSTWTFPL (or something similar).

Edited on 26th

Coincidentally, just a few hours ago I ended up being very inspired to write a completely raw initial draft of a possible introduction:


Much to be improved, but it could hopefully already work as a teaser.