To sgu: openai, the church of tech and neural networks


We still need to make a church of tech brand image! :smiley:

Introduction / Disclaimer

I'm still catching up on over 10 episodes I haven't heard and trying to keep up with new ones - haven't heard the full episode from past 19 Dec but when you started talking about openai, boy, I had to write something about it. And try to make sure one of you guys would read this.

Hear me out... I've made an "openai" organization back in July. Main difference between what I'm doing and what Musk did is the U$ 1 billion and the 9 smart guys grouped... But I'm a freaking unspoken genius of my own, who frustratingly could not find his place in society just yet. Big whoopie for me. So fucking what?! You may ask...

Truth is: I don't care, and neither should you

Just yesterday, while visiting the "St George's Castle" here in Lisbon, nearby my home, I had this realization, an epiphany / illumination if you will, and I still need to update all the basiux material to reflect this...

It's a very simple thing (as already stated on the subtitle) but hard to come around / keep remembering every single time of what it means. So, it's probably a good idea to make more synapses to it... Which may help you as well, my dear reader.

Peter's thoughts about humanity

I also had just watched X-Men, days of future something in which the best action scene is protagonized by a prodigy boy. Pietro, the son of Magneto. Quicksilver has this quote which explains his powers along with his temper:

Have you ever stood in the post office behind a woman with 20 packages who wants to know every single way she can send them to Africa? It drives you nuts! You think to yourself, "Why do I have to put up with this? These people are so slow, they're costing me time, and it's so damned irritating. I wish I didn't have to put up with this." Now - imagine that the entire world was like that... except for you.

My feelings about my position in Earth are like Peter's

That's kind of the feeling I had when realizing what Ai is (back in July) and how we should proceed to make it work (around August or whatever). Open source and non profit. Now "the world" is finally catching up on that thought. That's not me thinking forward, though. That's me trying to sync up my futuristic thoughts with current time. Thinking backwards, in a way.

And it's really frustrating to be in my position

Because even then, I keep hitting too many walls. I currently have no income. I never had one that would pay for my intellect. Sheldon complex here, but with no support for anyone. Well, other than a few people I could get close enough, who also have almost nothing to support me but being doing so nevertheless, such as my mom and wife.

What any of this intro has to do with SGU?

It's all about the epiphany, remember? It's not by any stretch of imagination my first one, nor the biggest, but it's huge nevertheless. Maybe it's even small enough that I can make my point somewhat clear in this small topic.

You shouldn't care so much about the dangers of Ai

Since I first saw what Ai is (back in July) and what it will very soon become, I went full Ray Kurzweil crazy and kept thinking "we need to make this work, change the world, improve everyone's life, accelerate the singularity". No, we don't.

We are less than a bacteria

Each one of us are just a freaking speck flock of micro sand in the cosmos. We don't know shit and we can't even connect to one another in any way deep enough to communicate. Our data exchange protocol, the language which includes body and feelings and whatever, is almost useless. It's like Mars had 8 billion people of their own, with their internet and Earth's internet were trying to sync up data using pigeons. Absolutely terrible.

Life is too short

We can only connect to other human beings when they have similar neural paths on their own, independently. Then the pigeons don't even matter, just looking at each other's "inner light" (or light reflected by the Sun) we can easily see - that's an habitable planet. A strong connection is made. But we're still on our own, and we should still enjoy our own path. Our own life.

I'm still not convinced this has anything to do with openAi

In the sense that openAi is like basiux, it has everything to do with it. If you didn't catch this and you did read everything already, then I can't help you today. But in the sense that openai is not basiux and may very quickly grow apart, then yeah, church of tech may have nothing to do with openai. I may be just talking crazy nonsensical crap here, as well...

Ok, what is that church of tech?!

It's basically the next logical step for basiux/openai. Organizing information in a way that it can make sense to people, and let them come as they will, if they will. I don't know if openai will realize all this. They sure are smart people and they finally noticed what I had back a few months ago, after years of computation being re-compressed and re-organized in my own mind. Big fucking deal once again. For both of our groups.

Educating people? Why not a school then?

Schools are just wrong. Almost all of them. Sure, we do need to educate kids if we want to scientifically advance as a society. How is that plan going, by the way? I think it could work if we had better ceremonial rituals and keep kids as kids until they learn critical skeptical thinking. But that's not our reality, and may never be.

A church may feel like a step back in a way. Being dogmatic an all that... Even worse than the school system. And maybe it is. But maybe it's the last circle cycle we need to go through before the next stage in human evolution: the tech singularity. Maybe we need that "step back" and look at the world in different ways from today.

Maybe?! Is that your best scientific approach?

Yeah. It is. It's my gut feeling, fine tuned by many aspects of my life. Openai is just 1 huge sign I got that I'm building something really really right here. There are many others, and I've wrote about a few already, around the web. But then again...

You shouldn't care. Remember?

Don't worry about me. I'm just doing this for myself, right now. Writing it in public, sharing with people, because I want to get feedback. And because I don't care of what people will think other than receiving random feedback and trying to filter it to my own gain. Not because I want you to follow me. At all. Go through your own path, and try as hard as you can to enjoy the ride. Go yolo if you want. Nobody care. Or, at least, nobody should care! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Side note

Now, this is indeed disconnected from the rest of the topic, but since it's a "public email" section I'll keep the mess here... (Also, if you read all up to here, I don't think you'd click on another link if I put this on another topic! :smile:)

Since I (probably) got your attention for the main topic there, let me try to push a few other points. Those are some of the notes I've been taking for months now (as I often do), preparing to send it to you eventually (again, as I often do). This time, however, I won't bother to develop any of the ideas further. I think they're all somewhat in the context of the whole topic - the neural network part. It's all about getting to know thyself! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • idea to Sgu: interview Einstein as if he was still alive

  • 533 problem of q (basiux) if we can create such being, how can we not know it better? There must be an untapped source of knowledge in our network of human minds, which we can't individually read. But it's there. Something like Gaia. ish.

  • 532 teraform? No. Alien form us. Biotech, nano bots, cyborg. Makes way more sense than nuking Mars.

  • 516 sociopath - don't need to be one to steal money from charity donations. Why? Steve should know better. We only need to build a story in our mind to convince ourselves of doing whatever good.

  • 517 copying files - Incredible bad user interfaces. Yeah, we need the singularity already! Not sure such "simple" small thing will ever get any better before that.

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