Too many phones

Why do I have so many phone numbers?

I actually carry 2 or 3 mobile devices, and one of them got 2 chips, which receive calls from 2 different numbers. And they're still not enough to complete all my 6 active numbers. Not counting few other ones that are not active.

Well, there are few reasons, and the main one is not all that good: money. It's supposedly cheaper. Well, right now I'm in New Zealand and I blocked my main phone in Brazil because in this case it's way much cheaper. If I were to bring my number and be able to receive calls here, I'd have to pay about U$1 per minute of call received, and whoever is calling me is already paying very expensive brazilian mobile fees. It would cost me another dime for making local calls. And local calls in here, from land line to land line, are free!

Another reason: availability. Each company have a different reach and some places will not work with all of them. The absoute majority of the time, this is a lame excuse. I just don't go to those places all that often, or at all. I mostly stay in the same places, and they all have good signals from any given mobile company.

All in all those are kinda bad reasons. Maybe I just have difficulty letting go of things, like everyone else, and so I just kept summing up numbers in my attempt of finding a confortable situation. I probably should stick with just one, and I actually do have a main one and I am gradually using just that one device and one number.

Why do I even care all that much about this anyway? 5 years ago I hardly used mobiles, 10 years ago I badly knew about their existence and 15 years ago I were living just fine without trying to generate brain cancer (just mentioning some people believe that).

Over all those years I mostly communicate only with who lives in the same city anyway, except for my internet usage. And whoever need to reach me can certainly, with no harm, do it so on the interwebs while requesting my online presence through e-mail or SMS. Not like there are all that many people or reasons to do so, but it's just one more reason for me to dropping all that mobile extravagance.

Anyway, I just felt like writing about it, so here I am filling my blog with garbage once again. Eventually all those technology communication problems will go away with a better solution, and instead we will worry about water, some other future lacking resource, or some unforeseen yet to be known new issue that can fill our "precious" time in this planet.

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