Translate Squarespace, Eamon design


Hi, I followed some tutorials but I'm not expert in programming, and
need to know to make the code to install the translation on my site, I

And with this function, solution:

"Bonus Step.

If you want to take this one step further, Then you can detect you the
user is on the About page, Then clicks on the "Español" link in the
header, this will take you to the "About" page, rather than the homepage. "

But with this button design:

Translation is English to Portuguese, have separate pages already are 3
pages equal with separate languages:

Page names:

en/about, en/work, en/contact
pt/sobre, pt/trabalho, pt/contato

What price? Payment with international card?

Thank you very much

Marcelo Mantovani da Luz

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sorry Marcelo, I don't work with this any longer.