True randomness app, why it could help winning the lottery and building up the basiux


to me, this image is truly random for this topic context

This is my little "theory" taken right off my butt. Play with it if you want, I'll sure write an app for this in case nobody wants to take on the challenge... And I bet you it will be better than anything you see on the market, including (guess which image below is the true random one).



The universe is deterministic and if we could have the exact variables at the big bang plus enough computational power, we could simulate ours very easily. That may never happen though, since "enough computational power" is probably not possible for computers are inside the universe. It's almost like trying to create a perpetual energy machine - that energy has to come from somewhere. Nothing we know in science points to such a possibility so no such machine that's claimed to be "scientific" is true. "Impossible" is a thing, "impossible" certainly exists, specially when we look in retrospect: before airplanes it was indeed impossible to fly at such speeds.


That doesn't mean we can't build models around those initial variables to reach approximate states with much less computer power. Much, much less. We can, today, compress text, image and even videos (i.e. anything meaningful to us) to less than 9% of its original size, very easily.

Randomness is what makes data meaningful. Given a data point is not too random we simply call it pattern instead. That is, meaningful data we can recognize.

Now let's talk a bit more crazy. The universe is connected. Coincidences can be very meaningful. When they happen at the same time, even more. Thanks to that, any random data point from previous lotteries that happened right on the same exact time of lottery balls dropping are much more meaningful than any other random data set you can get, to build statistical models.

Finally, that history of previous lotteries data points is not more important than any other history of any other big event happening... Enter true randomness. grabs atmospherical data to randomize numbers on an otherwise digital world unable to generate unrecognizable patterns. So, all we need to do to have such thing in the palm of our hands is grab noise from the environment. And yes, it can be just as good as rolling the dice or whatever other random tool from the physical world because we're bringing in physical data into the computah!!

Yeah baby.

So... As for the app...

Use the microphone, the camera, the antenna, the clock, wifi signals, compass, everything to "randomize" the numbers!

And remember to make a good app checklist, such as:

  • big numbers
  • simple interface, bring in everything in one screen
  • swipe left or right to change results from dice, to coins, lottery, whatever
  • keep it under 1mb at most (ideally 100kb), or make it using unity3d at once
  • keep history
  • offline and online backup (for history)
  • no ads, no revenue other than in app sales for coin skins or whatever perfume
  • (more to come)

Finally, this could help the basiux because this kind of true randomness can be used for much more meaningful genetic evolution, in case it does pinout as being better over a high enough amount of iterations. It will be impossible for me to test this alone, though.

Why is it so difficult for a technology to be simple?
How making an app to win the lottery and building up the super Ai are related? Enter: true randomness! O_o
Focus on mario, forget the rest of universe