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While searching google for "why does twitter verify accounts" I found this interesting peace by William Shatner:

( Disclaimer: please, keep in mind that while I appreciate sarcasm, I try to avoid it at all costs when writing "in public". I write in a very peculiar way and often people might think I'm being sarcastic. I'm not. )

"Verified" to me should mean one thing only: twitter somehow approves such person is who they claim to be. That's all. And that could be done in a much smarter way, by letting the community regulate itself. I was hoping that was what I'd read on mashable, due to its title, but instead I saw a tech savy old man talking how he would like "verified" should work. And I think it's all reasonable, but not tech-savy enough.

What he want from it? Does he just want it to be "people I know" to filter his home? Or does he want someone to curate "very interesting smart people" for serendipity? A mix of both, or something else? I just know he is being at least a bit too much of a cry baby, imho. A assumed nobody. ;P

I want to be verified by a good community system, not by this flawed twitter one. I want to be famous and considerated "interesting" by Shatner, and lots of other folks (couple of other cool old hags that comes to mind are Dvorak and Laporte, from twit before twitter) though I don't care that much. They won't help me pay my bills. And since I couldn't care much less about PR, twitter, facebook, and so many other social medias, I probably never will get to that point in which they'd see me before I'm too old for them to be alive.

I definetly don't want to make a life style out of popularity. Never did. I don't know what I do want from life. I find it easier live day by day and discover things I don't want from it. Then eventually change even those. But having my own niche of fans or clients from which I could survive doing something I love wouldn't hurt! =)

I may never be polite enough even for that, though. Or optimistic enough. Who knows what choices we make can lead us to where we envision ourselves today? I only believe that the future is set in hard stone and we can only learn how to enjoy the ride (check my other blog post for more on that).

proudly unverified

proudly unverified

Anyway... In fact, I just decided to hack my way in this "verified" twitter bullshit. Take a look at my new profile image on the side.

Reason I'm posting this? Just because I felt like answering him, and maybe he'd read and engage in some kind of healthy discussion. That would be wicked cool. In fact, I'd enjoy talking about this with anyone with similar views from him. Or anyone willing to engage, really. I'm desperate! (ok, I like to think this was sarcasm)

Reason I was googling? I couldn't understand why twitter verification was so flawed. Now I think I do. Or at least I felt I didn't have to google any further. Thanks mr shatner! ;)

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