Two weeks I haven't updated the novel... Any ideas or feedback anyone?


This is the first release and then I announced moving it to the wiki, where it now stays.

Although I haven't touched the novel in 2 weeks, the making of have been a bit updated in just little more than 1 week and I have written 2 stories since then as well, one about traveling and the other one trying to make comedy, which should also be done in the novel.

I think I can't find any more inspiration / energy right now with the almost zero amount of feedback I'm getting - other than those astonishing and glamouring kindest words from a new friend, of course. "The guy who will make the new Matrix" he said, and he wasn't joking nor being silly.

Well, yeah, I think that sums it up. So. I'll repeat my echoing message from other posts in this abandoned ghost town... Anyone there?

I guess I just forgot about one of my latest posts! :stuck_out_tongue:

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