Ubuntu is still rocking solid!


(Quick?) Nostalgic post.

It's been almost 6 years since I used Ubuntu for at least 1 day. Really using it to accomplish anything for myself. Yesterday, that was working a bit on emails and studying.

Today I've found this, can't remember how:

things I'm missing in ubuntu
this was in my signature since 9.04 and I decided to make a topic out of it and add few items.

  • a (yet) better network manager (nm07 is almost there)
  • a nicier file copier handler (rsync alike)
  • a more compact-looking theme (i want more screen space!)
  • a bigger log/cache for system monitor (no geek stuff)
  • "time machine"

not much more else, ubuntu is great!

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things I'm missing in ubuntu

Old. And interesting.

Ubuntu now have a great network manager, but none of the other items! Maybe it has a better log system monitor, I haven't checked. But I doubt it.

The forums suck bad. They should have updated it at least to Xen Forums, or something. Or at least I thought so for a little while! stuck_out_tongue Another awesome job, ubuntu!!

One of those items keep coming back. rsync. I wondered why we still haven't got this right anywhere, specially in Ubuntu where it should be easy to implement. Why not?!