Unlikely goatees


"Completely" random image for a similarly random message

Whenever I write here (on public emails - even though this is just the second time), I feel a lot like writing in my blog. So I figured I'd even start this with an illustrating picture. And talking a bit more about myself, rather than going straight to the point... Even because, in this case, maybe there's no point! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Also, a note to self, I'm writing you now basically because I was googling for "barbixas combinado" trying to find some interesting material with that keyword and, instead of finding a video, I found this, for whatever reason: http://www.barbixas.com.br/zuado/espetaculografia.htm

A little context for the public, "goatees" is my freely translated choice to "barbixas", a group of 3 amazing comedians from Sao Paulo. And "unlikely" is their show name, actually "improvavel". Sup dudes? This is, after all, a message to you, goatees. I love how smart and intelligent everything you do looks like. And, as I partially told you in other occasion (not sure you read it, or even if you're cool with reading this in my bad english), I really envy how you seem to have achieved financial freedom while doing what I'd love to be doing: communicating, educating and entertaining all at once.

Now, short presentations aside, following there are a few points I'd like to know if any of you have interest. Of course I would love to work with you in any of them, but here I'm just throwing out the ideas and hoping you at least read them. Even if you don't even respond, I'm pretty sure I would be able to see some results in case you do absorb something:

  • I think you should improve your website. I've noticed you had an old site, now called "/zuado", and you keep it for fun. Love that! You also migrated few things from it into the new and current site. I've worked with making websites many times, including in my current business and I've got to say even the new site could be greatly improved simply by switching to squarespace.com. I bet Daniel takes care of this, doesn't he / you? stuck_out_tongue Anyway that's one point (which I sure could help you with, if needed).

  • I guess you could easily improve your online presence. This other point, still on the site, begins when I see your blog. Now, as a disclaimer, I've got no experience making a business out of a blog as I never had such job, but looks like you've tried to make one twice and abandoned them. But maybe this is all thanks to the size of your market and the difficulties on having to choose where to reinvest, that's why I'm just really guessing here. The blog is an attempt to have an online presence. So is the youtube channel (although that might be getting you something from youtube). And so are the share buttons everywhere or either website done. I myself have some fun doing it for myself, and I work with the technical aspects of it. But you, you probably didn't even need a website to begin with. What you need for an online presence is content and the only one you've been generating is on video. Maybe your website should improve on this concept and be mostly just videos. You should definitely make an app like "porta dos fundos" have (another thing I could help you with). Or maybe you should start investing a much more in written content or still images visual only on top of the videos.

  • Making different projects. I see you're trying to make other things, beyond the "unlikely" show. If you really want to think out of the box, I've got a project of mine that might interest you. But it's only on paper and I don't know of anything similar to refer you to. I call it esfi. In short, it's an interactive film, but done unlikely any interactive film you've ever seen before. In any case, I think trying to do something on these lines might be a great idea for you! wink

  • Improving current video presentation. Once I presented your video to a friend of my mother, a very sincere 60 or 70 year old woman. She enjoyed the blender one, but not the unlikely episode, which was a great "unlikely scenes" (I can't recall which one though, so just linked the latest one - they're all great!). She really couldn't understand that it was improvised or find any fun in it. I also notice you try to explain how each game works, specially in the square game with a very long intro... Well, the whole point here is, I think you should try to make some kind of intro stage instead of an intro manual. But just for the youtube videos, and not in the live theater show. I've been to the show before and I believe who goes there already knows how things work. We want to see more improvisation (felt like it was just 30 min) and less of anything else. But on video, people indeed often don't understand it. An idea would be making an intro video, in a common format like the blender, which explains how improvisation works. How the whole game works in general. If that works, you can try to summarize it to a point to insert before every video, so each one would be a self contained shareable material.

Well, I guess I've extended myself for long enough. So, for now, cheers!

And please do keep the awesome work. smile