Up in the Air (2009) 14/16 brings a delightful comedy about relationships without any lectures


Make no mistake, not everyone likes double negatives or being called a shark, even during sex (but I do love saying things apparently unlinked which I may never remember where the link was)

Up in the Air; 87.5% (0111111)

Exact same score as the only other movie I've rated, kept me thinking about remaking the criteria, but I couldn't come up with another one for now.

Many open endings pretty much sums up the flick to me. Make no mistake, you'll make mistakes. Life is like a box of chocolates a wise woman once said and here we can see how that's played in a complicated environment.

Sharp dialogues, filled with remarkable lines, although it's mostly narrating events many would dream to live and nobody really do, the story does bring many common portraits anyone can identify with, such as a "glue" sister that keeps trying to keep the family together with her own contradictions or a stupid collectors wish to build an unique huge selection of whatever they want to "win".

It's my opinion life is a game, and a competitive one, in the same sense a "cooperative" game can be one in which a group's intelligence play against a environment's IQ, which relies on how much complexity the creator could put in there. We're always striving to win something, dividing the game of existence into smaller ones to better comprehend its rules and be able to play it.

Why gamifying something so unique and more valuable than anything else in our little known universe? You may ask. Why not? I ask you back. It's a way to make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone, if done with at least this one rule: respect everyone's else choice on how they play theirs. This movie seems to agree.