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For the rough budgets, please do read www.cregox.com/your-home

I would love to take on this job, but I'm an engineer not a designer and at first sight I see little difference between yours and the bakery's reference. It looks like you want a design agency there. My own website ( www.cregox.com ) only looks a bit professional because I'm using
squarespace. And reason why I love it.

Anyway, what I could do, for instance, is helping adding features squarespace lacks, such as background video or animations like this:

I could, in fact, also help designing the website if you are willing to move back and forward with me, since I'm no expert there. I can't distinguish a font face from another just by looking, but I can distinguish them by looking at the source code and I can make anything work.

That being said, it will be hard to come with a quote. Just like in any agency, what I suggest, is we work with your budget. And we can start with my lowest one starting at U$213 for this case, and see where we move from there.