Very simple bookmarklet and instructions for bringing up youtube's playlist with all videos from a single user

Only reason I'm posting this is here so I can add that bookmarklet properly:
youtube list (drag this to your bookmark bar)
How can I automatically play all videos of a channel without clicking each video?

This question is from StackExchange's web apps:

Is there a way to play all YouTube videos uploaded by a particular user? Obviously I could create a playlist, add each video to it, then play the entire playlist, but is there a simpler way? For example, I want to play all 58 videos uploaded by a single user. How can I do it?
To which I have already answered there as well:

URL hacking for the rescue! You can append &list=UL to the end of a video URL from that user.

So, if you have:

it should become:

                                           ^ right here

You could also add something like this to your bookmark and simply click on it:


Select it then drag and drop it on your bookmarks. I couldn't figure out how to properly href it here in stackexchange! :(

The only "issue" with this is that it will make a list always in the same weird order.

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