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hi guys
I want to learn server-side programming and web design.So which is better server-side scripting language, php or asp.net?
Who can say that this site has been programming php or asp.net ??
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طراحی سایت


hey there mr cake,

most people will tell you there's no better language, it all depends on benefits and what you need.

I say php is much better, in general. bigger community, much more open source, products done in it are usually more polished and you can easily work on it in any machine, don't need to be windows, although arguably you should always be using a vm or container anyway, you probably won't bother to for now. it's not easy enough yet.

yet, I'd go either with python / ruby first, if you're only seeking to learn, or maybe LISP - php or asp.net won't do as much for you for learning programming as LISP could. if you're in the real world with money needs, though, asp.net might be your first choice. that or java / jsp. php second or third.

also you might find better luck asking for such things in here:


much bigger community there.