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I ask everyone to carefully read

Your case is very distinct from what I usually get, by all measures.

I'll check with a partner if he can take this and I'll let you know soon enough.


Well, after much consideration I must say this will be a big task.

And there's a lot we would need to settle down and discuss before we can reach a final result. Every single aspect of what you asked requires a lot of deliberation.

We're looking here for something that would cost at least U$ 2000 from my point of view right now. To give yet another perspective, an optimistic one, I suppose it won't surpass U$ 4.5 k, but it will all depend on many details.

My suggestion is starting with 1 day of work, which would be U$ 345 (half paid upfront) and we can move from there. We would spend a few hours organizing the whole project on skype or hangout and what could be delivered in the end of the day.