Welcome to cregox talk


cregox talk is a random forum-ish place where we can talk about anything! We shall never delete or moderate a post that isn't considered clear spam.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in chaos!

There are 3 commandments of what should be avoided at all costs (never forbidden). These are among the most circular and vicious popular subjects in the world today (and for the longest time):

no religion
no politics
no possessions (under review of a better short term for the general idea)

What can you find here?

A lot of confusing texts, mostly around categories on buffer, probably still such as: tech, science, skepticism, philosophy, entertainment, porn, intelligence and some meta. You know, anything that matters! :smiley:

Why should you come here?

Because you could not find anywhere else good enough! There are many communities out there, but they're either too restrictive (I ended up finding up that even "the daily wtf" is too restrictive to my taste) and/or got a bad forums software.

In fact, if you do know of anywhere else, please let us know! We'd love to go there. Just keep in mind the tool has to be at least as good as nodeBB, flarum or even the one we're still using here, as legacy, discourse.org (beware Jeff is an ass).

Where can you read more (links, resources, etc)?

The forum was born from a fan (@cregox) of SGU who was too excited about using the most advanced forums tool there was back then and wanted to use it for free expression of anything in their mind.

Why you talk so much about that discourse thing?

Think of quora and reddit, if you will, but using this open source technology made by the same guys from StackOverflow. You'll probably only be able to understand how good this is once you start using it, and once we do have a community to power it up. So, do try out some similar sites with bigger communities (these are their paying customers). But don't go too far into building a huge community, or you could easily break the toy.

Focus on mario, forget the rest of universe