What does public sex and smartphones have in common?


Does the image of any amount of people having sex in public bother you? Have you stumbled anywhere near people doing it? Do you get annoyed by it in the internet as well? Why?

Every mobile phone needs to lock the screen somehow, be it to prevent pocket misclicks or to save precious battery juice. Related to that, and after the phones started aggregating maybe "too much data" about ourselves, every device comes now with some way to also secure the phone, for privacy.

Yes, privacy.

That's one of those wikipedia pages that we still couldn't summarise what the word means in just 1 short sentence or small paragraph, like Pluto, but unlike Quantum or Beach. Yes, article size matters, and I assume the introduction size matters as well. But that's digressing too much... I just mean privacy is a very complicated subject. Complicated or complex? In my head, I always thought it was simple enough.

Privacy, to me, always meant some kind of shame. And, in turn, shyness is just a way to acknowledge we don't feel confident we can make ourselves well understood enough as to be accepted in a group. Society, usually.

Sure, some people will tell you they are not shy, they will undress in public, but they still like some privacy for somethings, like taking a crap for instance. They certainly won't share their bank account information. Almost nobody will.

I really, really dislike privacy. Why can the government mess up in anything I own and no one else can? Why do we even have governments?! As soon as I can find myself a position in society the way I want it, within a circle with mutual trust, mark my words, I will go 100% transparent!

Back to smartphones for now

This whole thing have bothered me for a very long time. I just stumbled upon a registry about it from 2011. While this new trend of me writing about it probably started on howtogeek.

I'm writing this on top of a draft I've set over 1 month ago. My view of privacy changed since that. Slightly. My view of writing this post, however, changed a lot. Take a look at the editing history there. I'd love to record a video about some posts such as this, just to see if I could get lucky on reaching a responsive audience like vsauce or asap videos. But those are not really yet the formats I wanted to use... If I'm to use something far from ideal, here, the text is already written.

Anyway, all I wanted initially in this post was to remove, completely, all the smartphone locking, making it easier for me to use it. And no, I don't think iPhone's digital is the right way to go there.

Being able to only access the phone physically is already enough security (or digital privacy) for me right now. That is in contrast with desktops and servers, that need password to prevent remote access, which makes it so easy to break in. Because people won't use good passwords.

In the inability to do so, I wanted to, at least, not allow anyone else to lock me out. So I have to set a PIN before they do it. Now, with a PIN set, how can I remove the need for me to keep typing it all the time in the lock screen? iPhone came up with a very clever way, with a somewhat good finger sensor.

The problem with iPhone, besides when it doesn't work, you don't even need to picture if you've watched the first Avengers. Yes, criminals will cut your finger if they think there's enough money in it. No matter if a cold finger will work or if there is no way to make it work, you only need a mindless criminal.

So, for me, it would suffice to lock screen only, with no password nor pin. That's all. But there is no such option unless you want to leave the no password anywhere and open for anyone to change it and lock you out.

Finally, there's one more thing that Android could add to easily help mitigating the risk. Accept a secret SMS message to lock the device. You'd have to opt in. Luckily, for this, there is already at least one app that does it. Prey project, still highly recommended.

So frustrating how devs prefer to focus on so many useless battery hunger things. Sigh.

Back to society

I just posted another bunch of text about privacy which was on draft for little more than 1 week:

Willing to control.

Maybe that's one of the biggest issues with privacy. Just maybe.

I guess the only way to "resolve privacy" is with very well spread information, which we're still very far, far away. A biological evolution would be needed and it's easy to predict either cybertech or genetic engineering should be able to resolve it, eventually.

Although of course I believe A.I. will do it first. :smile:

You may say that the world could easily become a very boring place if we can reach this Imagined Utopia... Utopian worlds are never real, though. It's just we setting up a drive to walk a path full of mesmerising realisations of what the universe already reserved for us to find, should we choose that path. And I will choose utopian paths over dystopian ones. Every time.

Although there are fun alternative realities created by our beloved science fiction stories, that are in neither such polarised choices, that look like could be quite enjoyable and fun... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I won't say from which movie this is, because then it could be a big spoiler despite being from 2006. ( And spoilers tags are still not working here! )

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