What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Watch this discussion to know about the artificial intelligence.It clarifies more doubts related AI.

Use this video to improve your knowledge. Then tell me Do you have any other questions related to AI?


Despite being for most of 2016 completely away from the topic, I still love Ai! :sunny:

To me, that's a very sad video. It's like a bad hollywood film, filled with production and big names but no content. Again, that's just me.

The only question I've got is: https://www.quora.com/If-we-already-have-algorithms-smarter-than-bacterias-why-cant-we-just-make-a-huge-web-project-and-let-it-run-full-speed-to-evolve-into-Singularity


by the way, most times I forget to give proper props to people. sorry. :frowning:

welcome @KarthikaQpt and thank you for being the only one forum contributor this year (other than myself) to create an Ai topic. :slight_smile:

ps: you might find it a bit interesting to realize my question there (which I asked because you've requested) is still in need of a good answer.