When is 10 not enough, little prince?


This is the first time she sees him:

I didn't want to watch this movie last night. I wanted Ex Machina (because everyone asks me about it, dreadful science fiction) or The Martian. I wanted science. My wife wanted to go out. I invited her, she said it was too late and asked me "let's watch a flick". Yay! I love films! I gave up on trying to convince her to go out, as I know she loves it more than watching any screen, and was I hopeful. "22:00, there should be enough time today", I thought. Well, we almost got to a fight and there was no home cinema session when we finally were going to do it, almost at 01:00. I decided to watch Ex Machina, because I wouldn't be able to sleep (got some disorder). We ended up on The Little Prince because, well, she wanted it. I even tried to sneak in a romantic comedy, but she rather see an animation. I still had in mind the last freakingly boring animation we saw, 8 months ago.

I could predict the ending by the first few minutes or so and I told my wife "okay, let's see if it can still be entertaining on the details...". I was being cheerful, I was hoping but not really believing in it yet. Oh boy, I may never been so glad to be so wrong. I mean, of course I wanted it to be good, but I was expecting very, very little of it. Most animations I've been watching in the past 2 years or so, including Pixar's, have not being able to move me at all. At all. And IMDB score was just below what I'd expect from a good one, at 7.9.

Okay, Inside Out was an exception: great and cute. Maybe my hopes for that one were too high but I was hoping for a better neural representation there, and it had some weak science behind it ( don't take my or Steve Novella's word for it, do your homework ). I would argue it is even harmful, because it will certainly create new bad myths around the mind and the brain.

Anyway, Little Prince at least isn't about science - because else they'd get it wrong at very least on the lucid dreaming there... But it's perfectly done. Perfectly. Every little detail (okay, as much as practically possible anyway). Right near the beginning the girl gets a new friend and starts to wonder how his stories could be possible. While she is thinking, the wind in the background is moving engines. That's art. And science, even if only subconsciously. Even if.

The symbolism there is exquisite. I have watched a few french movies, I do know a little about the culture there, I've toured through France more than any other European country in my 2013 tour... I haven't seen anything like this before. Maybe I will need to take my french classes back again, eventually.

Here, let me tell you about 2 math formulas that appear in there (not the only ones, the first book she does open is about math, probably algebra, but in french sorry), for a few seconds: first one is about analytical geometry, and got an Escher picture in it. Now, in Brazil we don't learn any of that in school, not even Calculus, but I've gone to first year of Statistics and 1 got semester of Math in there... That shit is complex! The only thing I can say about the first picture is she got a great compressed writing and thinking there. This to me means more than anything that whoever wrote the script (I haven't read the book) was an avid math enthusiast (like myself) at very least.

On the second one, however, she gets on to some Calculus, which to me was one of the funnest parts in school (after geometry, and I didn't really enjoy Math in college). Math was always my favorite topic in school. And that's a "simple" 3rd degree expression. All I can say is it's not being properly resolved, at first sight. But I bet there's a meaning there I just can't see yet. This is how this movie was made. Filled with tiny little details at every single second.

I'm very good at Math and I consider myself to be intuitively awesome at counting numbers, but I can't even understand what the 6 year old is doing in her book there and those are images that just don't matter to the plot or for anything else, really. They're there on their own!

I'll make a real bold guess here, but I think this have became instantly my favorite film of all times. On top of Forrest Gump, Matrix, any Pixar's, Bedazzled, Terry Gilliam's, Huckabees, Stranger than Fiction, BttF, 2001, Interstellar, The Martian (still unwatched), Terminator, David Bowie's Labyrinth, Amelie, Perfume, Spring Again, Shaolim Soccer, Old Boy you name it (I'll probably keep coming back here to name a few more). I know almost nobody would agree with me here, but that's how I feel having just watched the movie less than 8 hours ago.

It touched me deeply, and it did so by touching both my heart and brains, like no other one ever did. 34 year old, happily married, with no kids due to life issues, no job and lots of work to do. Specially after being this inspired. =)

This is how much Art can move people. And this is how much we need a good Ai movie. Nothing I can work on for the foreseeable future, unfortunately, but it could easily end up being ultimately what I came to do in this world. Add a single frame to a great Ai film which would trigger someone else to do something amazing! :smile:

Way more likely, I'll just keep on enjoying my life, though. And continue to be just another passenger in this deterministic universe.

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