Who wants to learn IT?


I guess it's time for me to start teaching a trick or two about computers.

I've been programming for over 15 years, dealing with annoying computers and often getting mad at them, trying to find solutions for my own problems and building up code that mostly go to garbage after a while because companies don't know what they want or need. And I've learned a lot in the way.

So, next week (Wedenesday Oct 1st, from 15h to 20h) I'll be hosting an event at Laboriosa 89, trying to gather people interested in learning about Information Technology or even a bit of programming.

Every one's needs are very different. Just from 3 people (who I know are already interested in this): one of them want to learn a little bit of programming just to better understand computers, the other one wants to actually write code but got too lazy for digging up on their own, while the third one wants to simplify his process dealing with videos. And I'm pretty sure you could easily find many more different needs.

This whole year I've been trying to get to a format where I can help all of them for a good price. That's why I started selling services at fiverr (and since I never got to "a good format for a good price" I figured fiverr would never work for me). Anyway...


The principle here is to share, to be open and trust in the big white sheet. Check the links! And if those are too many references, just know I want to make this work so bad I'll try as hard as I can to dedicate all my time without a job for the rest of the year into elaborating the classes and working to give you a great learning experience!

If you're interested, let's talk. You don't need to come to the event, you can simply comment here. Right now I need ideas on how to make this possible.

Since cregox is my one-man company, I think nothing makes more sense than calling this "cregox school".

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