Who's that noisy #468 - Pour Elise


I've send this to Evan's email, wtn...

I doubt this is it, but it sounds very much like a song played by some bottled gas vending trucks here in Brazil.

More than trying to get it right, I wanted to share this little story about that song...

My father invented, created and produced this solution to increase the bottled gas company sales. He then came up with this idea to replace the trucks horns with a nice song. After some years of research, he came up with this, around 1990:

The original song had an actual better quality, with a good sound equipment. It was played by a small microchipped system, one of the first "computers" on board back then, to keep the quality up and to prevent truckers to play it more than once every 2 minutes. At least that's the story I recall... stuck_out_tongue

It was so successful that there came the pirates. Many people (at least in this country) now know his idea only thanks to the very annoying pirate which plays a pour elise version that sounds pretty much like that one you played on episode #468

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