Why novels don't convince as much as real stories?


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also, for context, I wrote the post while I was very inspired and writing the 3 novel chapters that will probably not get any bigger unless people manifest themselves.

since then, I've also added a buffer post about this.

novels, being a creation of human imagination, and the hugely flawed human brain, have no validation on the much bigger REAL UNIVERSE, the one and only, basiux's true GOD (church of tech's god is basiux, but basiux's god is the universe).

yes, because making stories is like creating "a universe" indeed, in which we even have a very clear (you've guessed it) Creator.

bringing real stories from the so called universe, ours, the one and only, for making those new story universes more valid is a common gimmick we do. and it works very well. so much, in fact, that the best science fictions end up to create stuff in our own universe. see Star Trek.

analogously, a non-validated novel (non sci-fi) with non-validated characters on top of it, will hardly ever be any convincing. this is of course not always true, it's just a guideline that can be used (and should be abused).

side note

I was writing that as a note to digress more about later, on google keep... keep is awesome for its performance speed, and a few other tricks, but nothing more. I hope I can make my new blog a place I can replace google keep for a similar but public thing that has everything I need...

also, I'm (finally) writing a sci fi novel, in some way that makes sense to me! thanks to The Martian inspiration, among many other things.

that means the sci-fi part brings validation to fiction by using science. and, in the same way, we can make characters way more believable and deep by bringing in and mixing them up with real stories! :slightly_smiling:

very cool insight, huh?

I mean, it should be blatantly obvious to most writers, but when you look at it by this perspective it probably can help you building characters very differently.

Should we use google keep, evernote or something else? whatever, use all of 'em and then some more! ;P
Fiction can never be as convincing as stories truly based on real facts, because of how the brain works