Why we need to stop looking for jobs and work on what matters


If you're not getting any more financial results, that's probably the only sign you need to see the whole "job" culture is changing. Maybe that's the main reason why we need to change our mindsets too.

I wrote all of the below before reading a very inspiring article (in portuguese) which basically brings the same idea but made me look at it from another angle, to which I changed the title from "Why you should apply only for jobs that matter".

For one, because you'll regret if you do get a meaningless job, no matter how high the amount paid. You just will, sooner or later. Unless you are one in a gazillion that may indeed have no physiological mind issues with it (as always, words are carefully chosen here).

Also because nobody should be applying for jobs. We need to focus on working with what matters and job or talent hunting is, ideally, someone's job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, since we're not living yet in that ideal world, well, let's keep trying whatever works (love that flick). :smile:

This came actually from Don't know why I can't stop applying for jobs: