World mouse crisis?


Originally posted on HTG - e aqui em português.

Little more than 2 years ago I've spent about 2 months looking for a good mouse. A simple good mouse that would just work.

Looking back I can see I was spoiled by this amazing A4Tech "padless mouse", which I had bought previously for just about U$20 back in 2012 or so... The best cost benefit mouse I've ever seen! Just perfect for me.

The only problem was: I had lent it and it was nowhere to be found again. The store I had bought it had no clue of its existence. I bought 4 different ones, spent a whole lot more than I'd ever expect and ended up with no mouse. It'd have been better if I went straight to a Razer and their expensive and ugly shiny mouses full of useless buttons. At least it would work.

Microsoft mouse? Easy to find everywhere. They all suck. Blue tracking? Bullshit. Can't even work on a black wood table, even less on my bed - where I might need it most, sometimes. It has the same issues as any other regular cheap mouse.

Later on I managed to buy an used razer for equivalent of U$40, with just 2 buttons (which is 3 less buttons than the amazing a4tech), and just an annoying giant blue led, which can easily replace a dim bedside lamp, except there is no switch and the only way to turn it off is disconnecting it.

Anyway, anyone knows where I can find this mouse?

Or what would be a similarly good one?