Yeah, I'm also a progammer*


some traditional "art" I've made as a kid, using a mouse and a magazine to copy it from.

this post has probably nothing to do with Peter Spidey there.

nowadays I'm better defining who I am, what I do, and what I'll be doing. my position in society. and just starting to use many variations of this sentence:

I'm an A.S.I. enthusiast, researcher, artist and progammer since 90's -

I think it defines me very well, too bad it's so long. I believe there's no single word for it, yet. and so I came up with a temporary name for my quest into that:

to facilitate, at very least, my inner dialog. ( on a side note, looks like I keep getting back to that X... anyway... )

eventually that quest led me into this new word.

reason I'm not a regular programmer is I never really wanted to be one. it's just if you play with computers for long enough, you'll end up learning some scripting. if you're committed to technology and surrounded by nobody else who is willing to get their hands dirty, you'll end up programming. that's what happened to me. I even made a small career out of it. all without purpose, without a goal.

so, I'm actually a progammer.

and what's that "gammer"? since it's a new word I suppose I'm inventing, I'm also defining it as a person who knows how to code, who likes games, dislike grammar, enjoys creativity, skepticism and high tech above all. in other words, as myself! stuck_out_tongue

just like there is art in programming it's as well in inventing new words. or etc.

and if you do identify with this and don't know how to code (yet), you could call yourself simply a gammer. or not. smile

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