Yet another software unsketched and unamed idea: a kind of tetris


Here's a bit about my projects and plans for 2015:

I've got basically 1 main project for this year (in contrast with 2014, this is much more achievable), basically suggested by my brother (again). For now I'm calling it just Advisor. I really like his practical ideas. But there's not much to say about that. I still don't know what to make for it other than building a mvp, and so I've got it frozen.

So far this year I started looking for jobs but, at same time, I ended up investing on my little startup. So, those are what are taking most of my time, so far.

Anyway, back to the topic, I also got a side project. I still want to make a kind of game (food seekers). And I've been reducing it to less and now even less. Hopefully it will soon get to a point it's small enough that I can actually build it!

This would be a mix up of both previous ideas, along with tetris and mahjong. It's quite simple...

Pattern recognition is the key. If you don't do anything, it will slowly do it by itself, so you can act as a catalyzer.

The visual is all abstract, probably in 3D, and there has to be some good music and sounds (this is where my good friend might join).

As you go forward on the game you'd see you're actually building a DNA of something. That would be a beautiful graphics part, but then you can't really interact much anymore, I suppose.

What you think? Should I also try to make a quickmvp for this? stuck_out_tongue


seems like a great idea , how do you plan to do this code in steps ? Is the program trigger samples or you are going to use the structure of the language to generate sounds ? I don't know anything about music for games... Always curious to know whether one use samples or synths


I don't really have a plan (yet), but I picture I will be doing it in blocks. And the first block has to be somehow playable already, with no story and maybe not even patterns. Just a proof of concept that it can be done.

Music in games are basically always samples. There is at least one recent game that's different, and if you play it you'll noticed how different it is: blek. That's such an inspiration for this... Of course it would be much better if it's synthesized by algorithms, but then I wouldn't know how! I mean, to make it so it yields to a pleasing sound as result.

But I suppose first thing we need is a name. It doesn't need to be final, it just need to be a at least a project name. How about Dhat? It's a mix up of dna, mahjong and tetris to make it sound like that. stuck_out_tongue


It would be really cool to code the music for this, but then I would probably just use sines and white noise which are the most basic component of electronic (synth) music. In the other hand samples are really easy to produce and I can go more cinematic with them.
All depends on style. Sine wave like music would sound more less like the bit symphony by Tristan P. a very cool work by the way.


Well, knowing which option will be better is pretty much your job (if you want to take on this job, of course). But don't worry so much about it for now, if all depends on style. We'll get a better glimpse on that when there's something built to play with. wink

This is first thing I found when googling for such no idea what you meant name:

I suppose this is not it, but it's still a good inspiration of getting things done! smile


Sorry, I didn't get a message on my email so didn't even notice you've already post it. Here is Tristan Perich. It's an interesting work, but now I don't think is so related to what we are talking about. I would love to be able to code the music, but being realistic, if you need music for your game, it would be easier to just send you samples, as I would do for a film soundtrack.


Side note: you do realize you just created a new account there, right? Both with different emails, so you probably just got a mess with your inboxes there. Although there's a chance it really never sent you any email notifications, as this forum try to reduce those a lot.

The music here needs to be pop and pleasing. Classic. So that work is very interesting! I can see even that working, if it just had a much higher quality MIDI sampler.

In fact, I think it would probably be so much better if it had no music and just a few good sampling noises rather than just a "film" background soundtrack seemly disconnected from the game movements.

But, in all cases, I still think lastly it will be your call.


Music tends to be annoying after a while, a nice sound design is a better start indeed.