> photos from places after tamera <.

tamera symbol

to me tamera is a turning point. a realization of a dream, even if only still just a tiny part of it. it showed me it’s possible to live a completely fulfilling life with just a few people around and the same goal.

when i started ahoxus in 2018 i only had in mind things i didn’t want to repeat from the basiux. i didn’t realize it was about tamera but, in retrospect, it was.

of course there’s so much more to tamera. but words might never be enough. even experiencing it could take a long time. at very least a week, they say, to start grasping an idea of what it is.

there’s still a lot of real magic happening today. so much more than the miracle of birth or the smile of an old grumpy person. and, yet, funny enough, they’re mostly invisible! even to, or perhaps specially to, those skeptical ones such as the ones called magicians.

tamera is this unique magical place. filled with failures, human error, lack of logic and lots of terrible things. even still, magical. beautiful. loving-some.

we can only highly recommend a visit to the place. take at least a month. for your own health and enjoyment. everyone should do it. anyone can do it.

and soon enough, either there or in a new land, ahoxus will be born. bringing ever so that much more movement to life. one small crayon per time.

wow, this is a cheesy piece of text!