why it’s the second best option


i’ve been using it for a few years now. sometimes i still post [updates] about this site in there, and nowhere else.

but soon it’ll all migrate to #delta


unlike whatsapp, it’s easy to have 1 account in several devices or many accounts in 1 device. whichever you like. it’s also easy to migrate data from one device to the other, since everything stays in the cloud.

poor google hangouts don’t stand any chance, it stopped in the past and it even started to lose messages.

much better than facebook (messenger), it also offers easy way to search for people in the directory, but it doesn’t eat up all your battery or memory, filling up the poor bits and bytes of your cellphone with garbage.

signal could be a good contender, if it wasn’t so easy to lose my own data into its way too private policies… and it even grabs all the sms to lose them all as well!

i won’t even get into the smaller ones like skype, viber, icq, wechat, etc.


but since i started to [delete] facebook, google, and all the bad pieces of software (basically anything that’s not doing [foss] right), i noticed telegram have 1 major flaw: it offers no user data redundancy, also known as [backup].

not to mention it keeps trying to reinvent the wheel on everything! even on encryption!! so much wasted energy.

and like nearly everything online today, it still gets [privacy] wrong (some do it right).

i’ll still use it for now, nevertheless, because it’s still so much better than anything else!

hoping it might even eventually merge with delta… #mergetelegramanddeltachat

but either delta chat, matrix or some jabber variation will soon take over… and i’ll be there to enjoy it! 😁


delta chat is truly remarkable! it uses emails as the protocol, and it works wonderfully. the main problem, other than the usual small user base, is that it’s still too new and like every foss, its development is slow.

TK reformulate what’s expensive and elastic. i don’t even remember it myself!

complexity scale based on [trs] BEBEC (basis expensive big elastic complex) from 0 to 10.

delta chat “biggest” issues:

  • 7c02221 no way to ring a call
  • 10c groups: no history for new members and hard to find or even join groups
  • 5c01202 no way to link a specific message
  • 3c10101 name is too generic, big, and unappealing
  • 1c00010 location sharing only offers live location
  • 0c low user base (except everyone uses email)

and its advantages are on a much higher level:

  • 10c [[backup]] done right: email is easy to setup for redundancy of all data. except versioning… but since no email ux allows for editing anyway, it’s a true backup. automated and complete!
  • 10c [[privacy]] mostly right: it’s decentralized, it offers options for encryption (again, not perfect because there’s at least one “ux bug” for deactivating it), and it has zero ownership over your data because of how email works.
  • 10c marvelous [[foss]]:
  • 10c [[kiss]] couldn’t be much simpler:
  • 9c22221 video chat, using [[jitsi]]
  • 10c email: the protocol is based on email and its email integration is unparalleled. data can flow easily everywhere because the internet is ready for this. there’s hardly any chance to lose a message without a good notice of why.