gratitude in the small things

how to touch people? you know, deep inside. the right way.

we all know how. it’s simple. just do our best, pay attention to each situation.

not always it’ll be pleasent, though. spreading love can be pretty hard.

so, are we doing it nearly as much as we should?

this is my never ending, and always in need of update, list of people i’m thankful for. humans who touched me recently, even if ever so slightly or critically.

(means their touch might work on you to.) ;)

in random order. whenever we reload this page, they’ll appear in a different order. or just touch here.

sandraclark otaviomachado assislima manuellima luiaracd inaciopessoa ianrego yurebis henriquegalvao adrtrotta guzforster ekifalcaos gabispinelli fernandarolli mairasardao edmondpruteanu ragaganga suhailyazijy ahoxusListTK curtissmurphy

update timeline

2019 may, first draft

this list started as a thank you to curtiss “gigi” murphy, from game design zen. after hearing the only episode i’ll hear from his boring podcasst, about leveling up portfolios.

my best friend guzforster pointed me to it, thinking i could use some “portfolio advice” about stepping down and creating small projects (as if i hadn’t created enough of them).

the thing is, i truly haven’t. not with the right attitude, at least, of truly helping others.

and the funny part is that i know for a fact i’ve touched other people with whatever crap i’ve done, thanks to more good friends (sandra, gabi, maira, etc TK)… and probably what i do better, finished project wise, is always related to programming. despite all my eforts against it.

so, there you go. coincidentally, i even decided to start this page just because i could find nowhere to publicly thank gigi. and now i hope this can start something beautiful!