it’s the first dating app to become a brand and a word, like uber, airbnb or whatever.

making it look like something as complex as finding a partner for life (or sex for tonight) to become simple and easy. by reducing options to a few random photos.

emphasis again on “look like”.

like with the other generational apps that transform cities, business and jobs, it has of course many positive points. attractive features. decisive selling and making money ideas. also for the users/clients. that’s why they even ever grew so big, obviously.

but also like the others, its shadow side is huge, very dark and mostly detrimental to society. nope, it’s not a trivial reasoning about each person’s individual bad experience (although i’ve had my share of zero experiences out of too many attempts) nor the typical concerns about privacy, safety or humanness.

it’s about money and keeping the status quo. or building up upon this failed society model of people growing up unconscious about the world, surroundings and other people.

the whole idea behind those apps is very sound: minimize. simplify. reduce the amount of options by being more local and present. that’s why they’re working so well. we, as humans, need this. carpe diem the hell out of us!

every single person matters

this is the hard quest.

and it will require a complete rebuild from ground up on all those apps.

yes, every single person matters.

while we don’t slow down and take the time to realise this, people will continue to live dreadful lifes, prisoners of ignorance, growing up old without ever learning that to get “unconditional love” (the only kind of love there is, really) we need to give love. paradoxically.