Convert videos in a queue

The goal was gathering a list of files which were constantly uploaded to the company’s intranet that would work as media reference, and normalize them to the same standard which would be utilized on the website.

Problem is: that was back in May 2010 and now, in Jul 2016, it needs some tweaking. That first (and only) released version was never intended to work without the company’s database.

This is a heavy process so it must run on a separate server and be easy to diagnose issues. There comes treFnoc.

I hope this can serve as reference for people looking on how to do some tricks on Python. Features include:

  • multithreaded and simplistic Graphical User Interface, with a progress bar and queue lists, using QT
  • command line options, using parser
  • database connection, using mysql
  • proper error handling
  • log to screen and to file
  • hashing file to MD5 (not SHA1 due to company standards)
  • and some more little tricks

To test this you’ll need to have PyQT4 installed and ffmpeg.

trefnoc on github