at some point in 2015 I thought it would be fun to try making something like 9gag tv or iflscience (later on I found out about something similar to my will, except I have no wish to produce anything in non-english).

I ended up creating a private category (you won’t be able to see this link) in talk called “fas tv”, to see how good (or bad) I could build it over some time, before publishing. had this written on its about:

curated [f]un, [a]wesome and [s]cience items from the web. content that could show in an adult TV. only our very favourite ones.

well, it never worked.

I still may try to resurrect this project since I actually got plenty related offline files I wished to share in a more interesting fashion (and probably not everything). also because (as evident from the collection below) links break. and it hurts. me. :(

although it will probably stay dead (or undead).

meanwhile, I think there’s a good and fun collection of links that came out of all this: the google plus one. which I ocasionally still update. ps: the one already mentioned in g drive isn’t quite a “good” collection… it’s just a random one. and so it’s probably only fun(-ish) to me and perhaps a few other folks who may never get to see it.


here’s the one result from this (yet another) failed project:

cregox fas tv on g+

community pool

community series - almost as good as scrubs