people love to ask me (at least in online forms) for my social links, as if it was hard to find them! so i decided to compile them all here, along with yet another:


TK main issue is, actually, that it sparkles the life-game mindset, in which people compete instead of cooperate, while trying to understand each other.

on the bright side, it increases transparency and contact…

even if still in such a centralised and ill controlled way. funny enough, the control is mostly exerted by the population (decentralised), contrary to popular belief. and it’s the central point fault for allowing that way too much… not because it could control it in any other way, but precisely for trying to (by centralising its power).

without further ado, in order of preference:


i actually love twitter, despite so many flaws such as verification and exaggerated minimalism.


in here my love is fading away (you know, after ms bs).


not as evil as:


owned and controlled by microsoft, which is always at least a 51% bad thing.


never heard