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cregox working at real estate

i’ve never thought about my style up to late february 2019.

now i’ll venture into a new business and career, mostly unrelated to my typical IT experience, and i need a new look.

people wear “business casual”, but i’ll go “business wild”. it must be practical, good quality, cheap, solid, clean and exquisite.

  • no hemming. ever. that’s blasphemy!

  • no jeans too! i hate its roughness on the skin. also it’s way out of my style, since i never used it outside a costume.

  • no buttons and no belts… although at this point it might be too many prohibitions and make it too difficult. i can compromise here, in the beginning.

  • quick dry. granted, at home i prefer cotton and silk, but i’d jump at any fabric that could be both soft and dry instantly.

  • good sized pockets. also with micro velcro (does it even exist?) over zipper.