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cregox working at real estate for a couple of months

i’ve never thought about my style up to late february 2019.

now i’ll venture into a new business and career, mostly unrelated to my typical IT experience. and i’d like a new look. i certainly need some new more resistant clothing.

people wear “business casual”, but i’ll go “business wild”. it must be practical, good quality, solid, clean, exquisite and, lastly, cheap (meaning that literally nothing else matters, like branding or uniqueness, and that all needing considered, it should still be the cheapest of the category). above all, i need clothing that lasts the longest and resist to weather and rough farming conditions. think caterpillar.

  • no hemming. ever. that’s blasphemy!

  • no jeans too! i hate its roughness on the skin. also it’s way out of my style, since i never used it outside a costume.

  • no buttons and no belts… although at this point it might be too many prohibitions and make it too difficult. i can compromise here, in the beginning.

  • quick dry. granted, inner doors i prefer cotton and silk so i’d jump at any fabric that could be both soft and dry instantly.

  • good sized pockets. on the pants, also with micro velcro (does such a pocket even exist?) over zipper.

  • jackets with many pockets, but none specific for current generation of gadgets or whatever.

function over aesthetics always.

updated 2019 october 28th.